A cat working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs returns after a five-month absence from stress


A cat working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs returns after a five-month absence from stress

By @DiploMog

BritishForeign and Federal Ministry(FCO)Of a cat who was hired as a mouse capture chiefPalmerstonReturned from leave for the first time in five months. It has been reported that the cause of leave is overeating and stress caused by overfeeding and stroking staff.

Palmerston, the Foreign Office cat, returns to work after six months off for stress

The British prime minister's mansion has been around since 1500, with the tradition of “raising a cat to kill a rat”. In 1924,Prime Minister's residence”Was prepared, and in addition to killing rats, a cat who undertakes tasks such as dealing with guests and checking the comfort of antique furniture appeared. From 2011,RallyIs the chief of the Prime Minister's mansion. The following is a rally on duty.

by Number 10

In order to incorporate the tradition of the Prime Minister's official residence, on April 13, 2016, the British Foreign and Federal Ministry hired Palmerston as the first mouse captive in the province. Palmerston was two years old when he was appointed, and originally lived as a stray cat. It was selected as a place protected by an animal protection organization. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Ministry hired Palmerston because Palmerston was “a bold and confident character”.

Palmerston also has an official Twitter account.

Palmerston (@DiploMog) | Twitter

Palmerston was established after the word “Nyan Nyan Nyan”.Japanese cat dayI posted a tweet celebrating "".

On July 8, 2019, Palmerston suddenly announced that it would take an annual vacation earned during three years of work.

In fact, Palmerston was overweight and overweight, resulting in excessive grooming due to stress, and all the hair on the forelimbs had fallen off. Such Palmerston was said to have been treated at the secretary's house of Simon McDonald, the Secretary of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Ministry, as a summer vacation.

On December 2, 2019, Palmerston returned from his five-month leave. At the time of its return, we issued a “Parmerston Protocol” to protect Palmerston's own well-being.

The following four clauses are the “Palmerston Protocol”.

1:Do not give or leave food to Palmerston unless you are a dedicated caregiver.
2:Even if you want to interact with Palmerston, let Palmerston choose "whether to interact with humans".
3:The secretary of McDonald's Secretary is “Palmerston HQ” and should remain soft while Palmerston is in HQ.
Four:Cats have the property of being “irritated if the territory is too wide”, so watch out for Palmerston so that you do n’t get out of the “Palmerston Zone” shown on the sticker.

The British telegraph who reported this case reported that he received a letter from Deputy Secretary McDonald that "Palmerston is doing well after returning." On December 5, Secretary-General McDonald released Palmerston's appearance on the floor of Palmerston HQ.

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