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A child with Fujiyama Ojiro and Hokusho Kaoru “Make a Porro”


Shochiku New Comedy's “First Laughter New Year New Year's Ball Performance” [January 1-8, Kyoto, Minamiza] was held in Osaka on the 7th. Theatrical company representatives Shibuya Tenga [65], Ogiro Fujiyama [32], and guest guest Masami Kumoto [61] attended.

In November of last year, Tenjiro asked Mariko Oguro, who was married to the former star of the Takarazuka Revue, Hokusho Kairi, "Is it a child?" "I think," a child-making declaration? ”He continued to laugh,“ But I want to do it. It ’s different from raising a chicken. ”

The performances of the performance are a humanity comedy “Ichihime Nitaro Sanpachicha” full of family love, and a slapstick Mage's comedy “Samurai and the Catcher Book”. Hisamoto is the 8th appearance at Shochiku Shin Comedy, and “Kayaya-” is the first female to play a butterfly facing backwards. Regarding Hisamoto's acting ability, Ojiro is like a mother. When Hisamoto rushed into “Nandayan! Older Sister”, Osamu Ogiro desperately followed, “In the sense of being able to accept the heart”.

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