A commemorative program for Shigeru Yokota on the abduction issue 43 years at Fuji

Fuji TV is a documentary drama "Shigeru Yokota special memorial program "Megumi to Megumi"" that continues to fight "Shigeru Yokota" '43-" will be broadcast from 1:30 pm on the 13th.

Shigeru died without being able to meet his oldest daughter, Megumi, who was abducted by North Korea. Mr. Sakie, who continued to fight with her as a wife and “comrade”, said at a press conference, “I think that I was always calm and smiling, thinking about the abducted person, and I devote myself wholeheartedly enough to remember it.” I looked back.

Through Shigeru's footage, which the camera continued to follow until just before hospitalization, and a re-edition of the documentary drama that was broadcast in March last year, Shigeru Yokota approaches his unknown feelings and his life.

In 1997, the young Yokota and his wife signed up for a solution to the abduction issue. The interest of society continues to pass through thinly, and the leaflets that were handed out are knocked down by unhearted people. But he picked it up again and kept screaming. When the government's response was lukewarm, he sometimes sat down to the limit of his physical strength near the prime minister's residence. When the abductees returned to Japan in 2002, apart from the images that were reported many times in the news, they looked at the materials from every angle, how Yokota and his wife interacted with their families, and acted together. I'll open it.

In the document drama, Shigeru is played by Masanobu Katsumura [56] and Sakie is played by Momoko Kikuchi [52]. Megumi was bright and humble and always the center of the family. It is an image of Mr. Shigeru who is kindly and Mr. Sakie who supports such a husband, but it was Mr. Shigeru who decided to reveal Megumi's face and name immediately after being informed that Megumi was a victim of abduction. Shigeru convinced Sakie-san, who urged her to lie down, thinking about her daughter and saying, "Let's fight in a loud voice." The unknown conflict of the couple is revealed.

Sakie said, "I didn't want to show up [Megumi's face and name] early [at that time], but he said,'You have to put it out properly and be prepared." The world was made aware of Korea. I don't think his father was wrong."

Naoto Yamagishi, a producer of Fuji Television Press, said, "While I was busy with lectures, gatherings, and signature activities, I had a lot of time to collect data, and even if I asked for anything, I always smiled and treated me politely. That was the gentle and gentle appearance of Shigeru Yokota.On the other hand, when I asked the people who have been working together for the rescue of the abductees for a long time, I asked Shigeru-san's impression, He said that he was a “person” and “a brave person.” That kind of strong feeling moved public opinion both inside and outside the country and became a driving force for the activities of the abductees' families. And I would like to convey my strong desire to rescue all the abductees."

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