A culmination of Michelotti's achievements in future generations "Giovanni Michelotti"

A book that could be called the culmination of Giovanni Michelotti, a designer who worked on the design of numerous famous cars and carved their name in the history of automobiles, was published. Michelotti is the only car designer who has worked on the largest number of automobiles in his life, surpassing Giugiaro. The achievements he left that he did not become a Carrozzeria throughout his life are wonderful.

Michelotti built not only Italy but also BMW's design language, and also created famous cars that left a mark in the history of cars such as Triumph and Alpine. He has worked with Hino Contessa and has a deep relationship with Japan.

Michelotti is highly acclaimed in Europe, but because he was modest, there were few books about him published so far. The book published this time contains 433 photos and materials. It is also highly credible in that his son, who owns all copyrights, has been compiled, and is also valuable as a document. It will be a very valuable book in the sense of "leaving" Michelotti's achievements.

Edgardo Michelotti, by Giancarlo Cavallini
288 pages, Italian or English, 58 euros
Published by Fondazione Negri

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