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A feeling closer to a smartphone than a Mac ── ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Gen 8) Review

The latest model of the Lenovo flagship notebook, ThinkPad X1 Carbon [Gen 8] released in May 2020. Although there is no major renewal from the previous Gen 7, it is the first time in a few years to personally get a ThinkPad, and for details such as minor differences, see the previous review, and here is the candid office worker's candid person who uses Mac completely. I would like to convey your impressions.

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Cool [?] Case

Judging from the fact that I was involved in editing PC magazines for more than 20 years, it seems unlikely that I will be able to make a cool decision whether it is cool or bad with the recognition that it is such a thing, but it is wonderful that a rigid attitude without blurring .. I wonder if the commercials for lunch boxes that come from CRTs have become a hot topic in tea rooms. I'm hungry…

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The carbon pattern top plate is a proof that 4K liquid crystal is installed. The weight is about 1.09kg. It's relatively light.
The fruit of a certain company is no longer glowing, but the dot on the ThinkPad glows to indicate the sleep state. If you don't feel like you have to shine somewhere.

Can be used immediately like a smartphone

Personally, I have only used a ThinkPad for a long time, and I am aware that recent PCs can wake up from sleep quickly. Based on that, I think it is worth mentioning that the machine can resume work very smoothly [please refrain from pushing it afterwards as it is not a new feature].

If you register face authentication, it will be unlocked as soon as you open the screen and it will be displayed on your desktop [work] screen.

Connect seamlessly like a smartphone

In case of LTE model, SIM card slot is installed on the rear side. LTE supports CAT.16 and 1 Gbps downlink.

It's a function on the OS [Windows 10] side, but the settings for the cellular line have become quite familiar. The MVNO APN is also remembered properly, and the upper limit can be set. It is no different from a smartphone.

Simple connection succeeded. The antenna pictograph and the remaining battery level are self-explanatory and smart.
When the wireless LAN becomes weak, it goes to the cellular, and when it enters the wireless LAN range, it reconnects and does perfect operation without the need for user operation.
Some function keys are newly assigned to video conferences and chats, and you can also end calls with the touch of a button. As expected, it's a long relationship with the phone.

Discerning input interface

Speaking of ThinkPad, it is famous that the developers are particular about the input interface such as keyboard and TrackPoint.

Previously, a certain person who was involved in the development of the series said that TrackPoint was the ultimate pointing device, and lamented that a trackpad was installed later. Although I haven't touched the ThinkPad for a long time, I am a user of ThinkPad Keyboard, and I have access to TrackPoint.

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Drift phenomenon is reduced, and if you get used to it, it is really the best. If you are hitting the keyboard, you can move your hands quickly and the efficiency is good. Personally, I often use this.

A certain professor T killed TrackPoint and even distributed sticky notes attached to it, but I personally found it convenient to have a trackpad. However, if there is a young person who misses the opportunity to acquire track points because of this, it may be very sad.

I feel that the trackpad is easier for scrolling and enlarging/reducing when working with one hand. Clicking is possible on the bottom too, but I turned it off. And the sensitivity may be a little too high by default. I lowered it by one step.

Also for multimedia playback

The recent MacBook had loud speakers, which was unrelated to external speakers. Sometimes when I use Windows notebook, I often feel that the area is poor, but X1 Carbon is enough. The sound quality is also great.

I was watching the video on the battery for about 5-8 hours. There is no complaint about the image quality or sound.

It seems that you can change the model like a smartphone

I didn't take care of you this time, but you also have a data migration tool made by Lenovo. Even if you log in with a Microsoft account, it will support you to change computers [change models].


Recommended for those who need a PC soon

The minimum configuration is 233,000 yen [excluding tax] and it belongs to the category of high-end notebooks, but I got the impression that it was finished in one unit that is easy for anyone to use by incorporating the easy-to-understand and convenient parts of the smartphone. Also for those who are hungry.


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