A fierce person who has made “ PC with Linux '' a business card appears


A fierce person who has made “ PC with Linux '' a business card appears

Many people are narrowing their wisdom on making unique business cards,Business card usable as USB memorySome people have made it. Meanwhile, business cards with the minimum components required for PCs such as CPU and memory have appeared.

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George Hilliard, an embedded systems engineer, created the business card for a Linux PC. On the front, it says "This card runs Linux!" Along with your profile. In addition, the IC chip is installed at the bottom of the business card, and you can see that the business card itself is used as one board.

The back is like this. One corner of the card is a USB terminal, and when connected to a PC, you can access the storage where Hilliard's resume and face photo are stored. Also virtualSerial portThroughshellWhen you run the gameRogueAnd2048UNIX program that plays the game and displays quotes randomlyfortuneTo execute or programming language processing systemMicroPythonofInterpreterIt is said that you can use or.

Breakdown of material cost per sheet is made by Allwinner<a href = " 0A "target =" _ blank "> SoCofF1C100s$ 1.42 (about 155 yen), printed circuit board $ 0.8 (about 87 yen), 8 MB flash chip $ 0.17 (about 18 yen), other components $ 0.49 (about 53 yen) totaling 2.88 dollars (about 315 yen) Yen), it is cheaply finished as one PC. However, it is time-consuming because there is only handmade, and he said, "I do not intend to give away to everyone who truly met."

Hilliard used Puhui T-962 for soldering.ReflowOven. At the time of article creation, it can be purchased at for 96,079 yen, and it is said that it is quite cheap as a reflow oven.

Hilliard says, "We've taken full advantage of our experience with embedded Linux machines and PCB design. It's not perfect, but I think it's a pretty good job, and the project itself has been a good experience. Was there. "

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