A GT that squeezed out the best power in its class by going against the trend of FF shift | Toyota Carina 1600 GT-R Vol.2

The flat tire 195 / 60R15 was set for the GT series, which was fully equipped with a new power unit. It has evolved to satisfy sports driving, such as improving stability in cornering.

Carina introduced the 4th generation T150 series in 1984, but the 3rd generation A60 series is still on sale. The T150 series showed FF and the A60 series as FR, showing their significance. A60 series is also introduced in the catalog as "Carina FR model". There were not a few users who sought the predecessor model, the A60 series Carina, for twin-cam power and the feeling of scratching from the rear.

Equipped with the same 4A-G type as the AE86. The 4-cam valve was installed in the twin cam, and the latest technologies such as T-VIS [Toyota Variable Induction System] and EFI-D were introduced.
The original potential of the engine was brought out by weight reduction and high efficiency, and the maximum output of 130ps / 6600pm and maximum torque of 15.2kg ・ m / 5200rpm were set.

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A unique twin trip meter can be seen on the meter panel. Carina also had a digital display electronic display meter.

Equipped with laser α 4A twin cam 16 which is the highest peak of 1.6L engine. Twin cam turbo was installed in the 1.8L engine of GT series.

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