A hot slot car race tournament by legend drivers will be held again this year!

Vehicles that played an active part in the Fuji Gran Champion Series [GC] in the 1970s are reproduced in slot cars, and the drivers on board at that time battle in each machine. This exciting event will be held again this year. The 13th “ Legend Racing Driver Slot Car Race Tournament '' is also a remarkable driver's face, and even if you look at the name, the race scene on the former Fuji Speedway will come to mind Isn't there much?

Last year's competitionThe winner was Harukuni Takahashi, 2nd place: Hiroaki Taga, 3rd place: Masao Katagiri [honorific title omitted]. Who will beat these three this year? We are worried about where the legendary driver, who is dressed in a racing suit and holding a controller, is in a hot battle. The entry drivers and vehicles for "Legend Race" are as follows.

2020 Legend Race Entry List

1 Masanori Sekiya [Rainton March March]2 Nobuhide Tate [Toms March]3 Kiyoshi Misaki [Laura T290]4 Chiyozo Toya [Lenoma March]5 Harukun Takahashi [Mc Campbell Chevron]6 Yojiro Terada [Chevron Mazda]7 Hiroaki Taga [Crown roller T290]8 Naoki Nagasaka [Speed ​​Star Chevron]9 Masahiro Hasemi [Minolta March]10 Hiroshi Funakoda [Onward Chevron]11 Masao Katagiri [Eva Gangnam]12 Haruna Yanagita [Fairlady 240Z Kai]13 Keiichi Suzuki [Advan Porsche 962C]14 Tomohiko Tsutami [Pirovitan Laura]15 Masami Kuwashima [Crazy Ken Band March]16 Takao Wada [Advan MCS]

Also, this time a new "Inter Proto Series" is being planned. Of course, Masanori Sekiya, the central figure who started the race at Fuji Speedway, is also a member of the Legend Racing Drivers Club. One of the highlights of this year is the fact that a combination of a professional driver and a gentleman driver can be used to run a race like a Fuji Speedway on a slot car.

13th Legend Driver Slot Car Race Tournament Legends Slotcar Race
Date and time: Saturday, February 8, 2020, 11: 00-17: 00
Location: BANPRO 412-2 Nippacho, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama

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