A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single stroke from!? Familiar take the ocean plastic problem

On the planet’s many environmental problems, particularly in the more recent center of marine plastic litter problem. Of Year 6 end of made to the G20 Osaka summit, the economic issues, as well as marine plastic litter problem is the most important agenda as going up.

Britain’s Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the World Economic Forum in cooperation with the created report in the sea that exist in the plastic of the weight,by 2050 the weight of the fish exceeds that predicted to stand. 8 billion 9500 million tons of fish whereas the plastic weight of at least 9 million 3700 million tons that. This number, the quick response is required this is obvious.

It is currently developed between the marine plastic problem to one of the measures, as the plastic of the abolition movement widespread. Starbucks and McDonald’s,Denny’s, etc worldwide to the food chain, including in Japan, the holdings and the romantic form at the right time holdings, such as the plastic of the gradual abolition announced that it is increasing. This movement will continue to accelerate as well.

However, on the other hand, the”paper of the lid and I noticed the”such as user dissatisfaction as well. Starbucks, such as in a without the need to drink new types of containers, such as the development of corresponding try some companies but,all of the restaurants in the same to be impossible. Plastic straws break from the figure that if the users take the initiative to make a replacement to improve the quality of your need.

To accomplish this, some Japanese companies are making.

For example, Year 6 held in September for the G20 Osaka summit and related Ministerial meetings such as also used in the topic, the custom-built wooden housing manufacturers Co., Ltd. Acura home developed,Canna shavings of”wood of”was. Building for Canna scraping technique applied to the wood to thin slices, and wound up one of the straws,looks simple and beautiful, comfortable to use, reputation is also a special bond between mother and baby. New material, not to develop forest, including domestically produced material using the points that interesting. Not only in Japan,the world and attract interest from all over the world.

Also, the chemical manufacturer Co., Ltd. Kaneka〈4118 > is 100%plant-derived”Kaneka biodegradable polymer PHBHR”to develop,in seawater biodegradation certified”OK Biodegradable MARINE”to get. Garbage to compost to use the bag as a material in Europe, the main export, and Co., Ltd. Seven-Eleven Japan jointly with the city to expand, and this year 8 month in Kochi for 41 stores on a trial basis to start.

The domestic paper industry, 2-position of Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. 〈3863〉paper, not to oxygen and aroma impervious”Shield PLUS”with material development. Mainly food and toiletry areas of the package revolves around, but the future is to use is also expected.

The ocean is already a huge amount of plastic is floating. The ocean plastic trash problem is never the distant future of the challenge, and now we face an important question. Plastic litter as a whole and accounted for as well. But, it’s a negligible reduction, but in each strand of a stack,and a big step forward to. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.. Companies that offer side as well as from the use of it, the user side from the trees, process and new materials of interest, it is actively asking for a big problem solving become worse. (Editor in charge:Imai, Shintaro)

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