A large number of grasshoppers invading the world, explaining in a movie "What is different from the past in 2020?"


A large number of grasshoppers invading the world, explaining in a movie "What is different from the past in 2020?"

Around the year 2019, a large number of grasshoppers in Africa are rushing to Asia while expanding their scale.Reportedis. A YouTube channel dealing with social issues, etc., about the mechanism that grasshoppers that have occurred frequently in the past and have suffered humankind have occurred on an unprecedented scaleVoxIs explained in an easy-to-understand manner.

Why locusts are descending on East Africa-YouTube


The origin of the event was a cyclone that hit the Arabian Peninsula in May 2018.

This will fill the southern Arabian Peninsula with water for the first time in 20 years,Rubu AlhariCountless lakes have formed in the desert.

Furthermore, another hurricane occurred in October of the same year.

Subsequent large-scale hurricanes have occurred in the Arabian Sea at unprecedented rates, with many arid regions experiencing record floods.

That was true for regions such as Somalia in eastern Africa.

Eventually the water drained, but instead a new disaster occurred. that is"Bruises"is.

The damage isGrasshopper grasshopperIs caused by an insect.

The locust locust habitat spans Africa, the Middle East, and Asia and is very widespread.

Although it is a mackerel locust that often causes enormous damage when it occurs frequently, it usually lives in units of one rather than a herd, this stateLonelinessIs called.

However, when sudden rain causes vegetation to grow lush and many individuals gather in one place, an accident occurs.

First, the body color changes to yellow or black, which makes it smaller and optimized for flight.

In addition, your brain will change and your appetite will increase.

This stateGroup faunaIt is called that the individual of the flora fauna is born from the solitary squirrel grasshopper calledPhase mutationIt's called.

In this state, the locust grasshopper lays a large number of eggs, and the larvae that evade the eggs form a group called "hopper band". Larvae do not have wings, so they only bounce around the ground, but once wings grow and gain flight ability, it becomes impossible to stop them.

The herd is now crowded with up to 150 million locust locusts per square kilometer, and the herd can travel 150 km a day on the wind.

A single locust locust eats as much plant as it weighs each day, so in a large flock, it eats up as much food as 3500 humans.

Worst of decades in East Africa since late 2019BruisesHowever, in 2020, an even larger herd of 2400 square kilometers began to occur.

This flock is three times the size of New York City and has the power to consume tens of millions of food in a short time.

As soon as it was affected, the plane had to change routes.

In Ethiopia, 50,000 acres of farmland have been destroyed…

Many people are facing serious food shortages.

Also, the range of damage is expanding. In February, the Pakistani government issued a declaration of an emergency due to slaughter…

At the end of May, a swarm of mackerel locusts reached northern India, east of Pakistan, causing the worst damage to the region since 1962.

The answer to the question, "Why is there more grasshoppers in 2020?" is "climate." The number of mackerel locusts increases by 20 times with each generation due to climatic conditions suitable for breeding.

In particular, populations will grow exponentially when there is a large amount of rainfall over a long period in an arid region.

In other words, the cyclones that frequently occurred in the Arabian Peninsula and eastern Africa from 2018 to 2019 triggered the record-breaking outbreak of Sabactivata.

In the past, cyclones were not common in the Middle East and East Africa, but they are becoming a common phenomenon due to climate change.

"The impact of climate change isn't as simple as'green in rain when it rains in the desert,' but it's bounced back to humanity in the form of a food crisis caused by floods and massive locust locusts," Vox concludes. I am.

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