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Michael Schumacher is still reigning as a legendary racer who leaves a name in the history of F1. He has won the first German F1 Drivers Champion and has won seven times. Ferrari F2002, the F1 machine that Schumacher himself gripped and manipulated, was put on the auction, and was awarded for 6,643,750 dollars [about 730 million yen].

With this one, Schumacher won the French, Austrian and San Marino Grand Prix and won the 2002 French Grand Prix. The F2002 is a machine designed by Lory Burne who made a major contribution to Scuderia Ferrari and is one of the most successful F1 cars. The result is 15 races in 19 races, 11 pole positions, and 15 fastest laps.

One of the cars exhibited this time was chassis number 219, and the first circuit run by Schumacher teammate Rubens Barrichello. In a pre-season test at the Catalunya circuit in Barcelona, ​​Spain, he ran 265 laps in 4 days.

It was the San Marino Grand Prix held in April that made its debut in practice. Rubens Barrichello drove chassis number 219 in qualifying, and Schumacher drove chassis number 220. The first place was 220. However, Schumacher manipulated 219 in the final selection, and Barrichello manipulated 220. And as a result, Schumacher shines in the championship as well as qualifying.

At the end of the season, he moved to a Japanese collector and owned both 219 and 220. After being listed at a charity auction in 2012, it appeared again at an auction in Abu Dhabi. The winning bid will also be donated to the “Keep Fighting Foundation” run by Michael Schumacher's family.

The machine, which was awarded, will be handed over to the owner after rebuilding the engine and transmission in Fiorano so that it can also participate in circuit events.

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