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This articleThe most important one in Ferrari history? Powerful "boat" embodying aesthetic identity]Is continued.

The 166 was immediately successful in competition. In 1948, Biondetti achieved two crowns in the 166S: Targa Florio [with Turvetskoy] and Mille Miglia [with Nabone]. The following year was even faster, with 166 sweeping major European events. Biondetti teamed up with Benedetti to win Targa in a row at 166SC, and Mille Miglia won with Salani in the 166MM [0008M]. On another 166MM, Luigi Kinetti and Jean Luca are conquering the 24-hour Spa. A month ago, Kinetti had achieved a feat in endurance racing history.

A 36-year-old British nobleman, Peter Mitchell-Thomson, the second Baron Selsdon, who bought the 166MM [purchased for $ 17,000], teamed up with the Italian, Luigi Kinetti, who sold the car in June. Participated in the 17th 24 Hours of Le Mans, the first to be held after the war. Rivals, including Talbot, who set the fastest time in practice driving, surpassed by displacement and seemed to have no hope for Ferrari's overall victory. However, Kinetti won the victory by performing 90 minutes out of 24 hours [some say it was 20 minutes, but let's take the longest one], running the rest of the time alone. It was.

On the surface, Barcel Selsdon's physical condition has been attributed. However, suspicions remain that the baron was afraid during the practice run or the first run and refused to return to the course. Perhaps the truth lies in between. The latter theory stems from the fact that no other outstanding performance is known, but in fact Baron Selsdon has been racing throughout the 1930s and 40s, and Le Mans has had two experiences. He ran once in the "Chain Gang" Fraser Nash and finished fourth in the Lagonda V12 in 1939. Either way, at least one and a half hours of work, the name is undeniably imprinted on the winning trophy. And while it may seem odd, minimizing the baron's running time may have been a strategy to bring Ferrari his first Le Mans victory.

The Italian Kinetti remained in the United States and acquired citizenship since running the Indy 500 in 1940. He has already won two races at Le Mans and has entered Le Mans every year for nearly 20 years. Enzo is an old friend of Alfa Romeo, and will soon become the first Ferrari agency in the United States [this is the connection to the United States mentioned earlier]. If the 166MM, a dual-purpose road and circuit, embodies the Enzo plan, Kinetti, who combines business and racing talent, was the human version. Eventually, Kinetti will create the legendary North American Racing Team [NART].

The 0008M, which achieved the two crowns of Le Mans and Mille Miglia, was exhibited at the Paris Salon with Le Mans trophy. The following year, Baron Selsdon sold it to Peter Staherin, Switzerland, and the 166MM was used in the race until 1952. The next appearance was 15 years later, from the rare model hunter Rob de la Riff Box. From there it passed to Ed Bond of the United States and then to Carl Bros. When Bross died in 1972, it was acquired and owned by British Lord Bamford for more than 10 years. Later, again across the Atlantic, Tom Price and then Bob Baker became the owners, and in 1996 they belonged to Robert M. Lee, Nevada, to this day.

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