A life with a piano together–Bright red appearance on the ultra slim electronic piano "PX-S1000"

Privia is a Casio calculator that pursues the sound and keyboard touch of a grand piano while being small and lightweight. The slim and stylish design has been supported by many music fans and has become a popular series celebrating its 15th anniversary.

A bright red color as a new color variation on such Privia's latest model “ Privia PX-S1000 ''"PX-S1000RD") Appeared.

The color with a gorgeous presence is outstanding. Not only will it be enjoyable as a musical instrument, it will also add color to the room as an interior. So this time,"PX-S1000RD"Let's introduce the charm of with a photo.

  • "PX-S1000RD" with piano girl Takamura-san (* in the case)

It looks like a movie starring actress

Many people yearn for a room with a piano. A profound and elegant piano creates a different atmosphere from other instruments.

However, it is practically difficult to put a piano, especially when living alone. If that happens, a simpler electronic piano will be a candidate, but even though it is a digital musical instrument, the impression that it is large and heavy is strong. That's why we recommend Casio's Privia.

Privia features 88 keyboards with hammer action and a digital piano with built-in speakers, the smallest class in the world. Compared to the previous model, the depth size is about 20% and the height is about 27%.

A slim design with a short depth and a simple visual that uses a touch panel and reduces buttons to a minimum is very stylish. Designed to match any interior, from chic to pop.

This room feels exotic. Privia seems to choose quite an interior, but Privia is familiar with nature.

Still, it is the vivid red color that has a strong impact on the viewer. While in harmony, it attracts people's eyes-its presence is just like a leading actress in a movie.

Playing like a grand piano

Of course, the goodness of Privia is not only the appearance.

A multi-dimensional morphing AiR sound source that pursues the rich sound and reverberation of a grand piano is included, and the keyboard is equipped with a hammer action, giving you the feel of playing like a grand piano.

In fact, the grand piano is different in the size and weight of the hammers of each of the 88 keys, producing a difference in touch feeling, but Privia simulates this digitally. These fine details make it feel like playing a grand piano.

There are many functions as a digital piano. It is equipped with a variety of terminal groups, including a USB host terminal, and can be connected to external devices such as PCs and smart devices. Therefore, it can be used as a Midi controller, for example, or it can be used by connecting three optional pedals.

In addition, the high-performance built-in speaker system can be used as a Bluetooth speaker by connecting to other devices, and can also create a “surround” effect full of live feeling.

For example, you can connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth and play music, play along with it, and enjoy sessions with your favorite musicians.

A dedicated app “Chordana Play for Piano” is also available. The app can be connected to the Privia main unit and use a smartphone or tablet as a remote control to perform various operations such as switching sounds and playing internal songs. It is also possible to display the score in PDF format.

From the slim and stylish appearance, it has a lot of functions that you can't imagine. It would be a nice factor for those who want a high-performance electronic piano.

This quality everywhere

Privia also has advantages not possible with grand pianos. It is that it can be carried. A grand piano can only be permanently installed due to its size and weight, but the Privia is compact as a piano and can be battery powered.

A special case (sold separately) that is convenient for transportation is also available, so you can play the sound of grand piano quality anywhere.

The weight is 11.2kg, but as you can see, even a small woman can carry it. I am very thankful to be able to carry an electronic piano with this quality alone.


Privia is an electronic piano that combines the goodness of analog and digital musical instruments with a stylish design. In particular, the new red color will make your private space look stylish.

I hope you all enjoy Privia"PX-S1000RD"Why not enjoy the colorful and colorful piano life?

photographer: Shigeo Hase

(PR) Provided by: Casio Computer

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