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A limited pallet inevitable for buying a package! Bobbi Brown's "Jewel Rose Eye Palette" is a universal reddish brown shadow that anyone can become cute!

Limited Eyeshadow Palette is now available in Bobbi Brown's New Year Collection!

Eyebrow palette with a theme of "Reddish Brown" in a limited collection of Bobbi Brown that gorgeously colors the New Year“ Jewel Rose Eye Palette ''Appeared!ブ ラ ウ ン Red color is added to the easy-to-use brown color, and a feminine eye with a three-dimensional effect and a ruddy feeling is completed. The exclusive package of red rose that shines like jewelry is perfect for New Year celebrations. Try the all-purpose reddish brown shadow right away!

A reddish-brown theme eyeshadow palette comes in a limited package of red and gold

Bobbi BrownIntroduces a collection of the most luxurious luxe series for New Year celebrations. This time, from that,“ Jewel Rose Eye Palette ''Pick up!

First of all, the eye-catching red / gold limited package for good luck. Red rose that shines like jewelry is a beautiful item that is indispensable for buying packages.

"Jewel Rose Eye Palette" (1 limited edition, suggested retail price 5,800 yen excluding tax, released on January 17, 2020 ※ Limited quantity)Is an eye shadow palette with a theme of "reddish brown". This color is inspired by Bobbi Brown's popular face powder, Brightening Brick Cranberry.

The palette contains five colors of eyeshadow with different textures, such as matte, shimmer, and metallic. The colors are considered to complement the reddish brown gradation color and base color. Brown makeup gives a three-dimensional effect to the eyes, but it also adds a reddish color to create a feminine impression.

With a reddish brown gradation, it is gorgeous and cute eyes

Try the reddish brown makeup right away!

① Eye shadow stone gold, ② Shimmer wash eye shadow rose gold, ③ Eye shadow red rock, ② Metallic eye shadow dusk, ② Metallic eye shadow champagne quartz.

① is matte texture natural beige, ② is rose pink with shimmer texture gold pearl, ③ is matte dark reddish brown, ④ is metallic reddish brown, ⑤ is metallic gold beige Color.

First, put ① on the whole eye hole.

With a familiar color, it is a natural impression.

Then repeat ② from above.

A pale pink color develops into sheer! A ruddy and pearly feeling is added to the cute eyes.

Furthermore, blur ④ to the outer corner of the eyes.

It became a three-dimensional eye with shading.

Put ③ in a line into the eye.

Darker reddish brown tightens the eyes, creating a beautiful reddish brown gradation makeup.

Finally, turn on ⑤ as a highlight.

Reddish brown is bright and gorgeous!た It's finished with a feminine impression. It is also a high point that beautiful gradations are obtained even when multiple colors are stacked.

Gloss is added to the eyelids, giving a three-dimensional effect.

Whether you use a combination of multiple colors or a single color, it is good to have a cute eye area. Reddish brown, which is easy to use for everyone, seems to be the strongest color.

Recommended for those who use the easy-to-use brown eyeshadow but are tired of the usual brown makeup and want to add a more gorgeous and cute impression than usual!

Purchase from the official Bobbi Brown online shop or directly managed stores nationwide. For a limited quantity, hurry those who are worried!

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