A Linux-based original OS is being developed in China to break away from Windows


A Linux-based original OS is being developed in China to break away from Windows

by johrling

PC OS Market ShareAs of February 2020, Windows is the overwhelming majority, with Windows at 77.22%, macOS at 17.7%, and Linux at 1.89%. In order to break away from such Windows, it is reported that a Chinese software company is developing an OS based on Linux for chips developed in China.

Meet the Chinese operating system that ’s trying to shift the country off Windows-Union Tech is ramping up work on its UOS Linux distribution by recruiting 5,000 people to work on it and using Chinese-made chips | Abacus

China self-organization operation system统 信 刘 闻 欢 : Alternative New Technology–Technology–People's Network

China's high-tech companyCreditIs a Chinese chip makerSunwayAiming to become self-sufficient in hardware and software,Unity Operating System (UOS)Was developed.

by Wikimedia Commons

UOS is a Linux distributionDebianHas been developed based onx86Not only micro-architecture CPU,Dragon core,Deity,JumpIt is also compatible with CPU platforms developed in China. The stable version of UOS released in January 2020 seems to start in 30 seconds on a chip made in China.

The reason behind China's development of its own Linux-based OS is that many of the previous generation OSes such as Windows XP and Windows 7 are still used in China. Windows XP will be discontinued in 2014, Windows 7 will be released in January 2020End of supportDid. When support for Windows XP ended in 2014, it was reported that the Chinese government had not indicated its intention to upgrade to Windows 8, and that it was still using Windows XP.

The Chinese government plans to continue using Windows XP as “ Windows 8 is too expensive ''-gigazine

Liu Wenhan, General Manager of UnionTech, said, “ From the current international situation, it is essential that China prepares its own OS and keeps it from being affected by deterioration of diplomatic relations with the United States '' . Liu believes that Chinese-made OSs hold less than 1% of the market at the time of writing, but will grow from 20% to 30% in the future.

However, although most of the software on the market can only be used on Windows and online operations can be executed on Chinese OS such as UOS, many professional software such as publishing related, inventory management, online bank, etc. are in China Not supported by production OS. Therefore, attempts to introduce Chinese OS to Chinese companies are not progressing slowly.

"OS replacement will be a step-by-step process. Governments, key industries, etc. will first migrate their systems to UOS and other domestic operating systems, working to run as much business software as possible on domestic platforms. Yes, "Liu said.

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