A major beer company is experimenting at the space station with the aim of developing “ space beer ''


A major beer company is experimenting at the space station with the aim of developing “ space beer ''

by Caravel-Productions

It is a famous beer brand in JapanBudweiserOf a beer manufacturing company that produces and sellsAnheiser BushHas set up an experimental set for "beer production in outer space".International Space Station (ISS)Was reported to have been sent to

Beer in orbit: Why space is the next frontier for alcohol | Fox News

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On December 6, 2019, SpaceX, which is conducting a supply mission to the ISS under a contract with NASA,Launched the 19th supply ship. Supply ship on December 8Successfully docked with ISSIn addition to astronauts' daily supplies and NASA's experimental equipment, experimental equipment from various private companies was also sent to the ISS.

Some of the supplies sent to the ISS include "Miniature Malthouse" by Anheizer Bush. Also beer raw materialBarleyIs included in the supplies, and Anheiser Bush is trying to confirm what effect the weightless space has on beer making by experiments.

by Hans

Gary Hanning, director of the International Barley Research Institute at Anheiser Bush, said that the experiment performed on the device sent by SpaceX this time will be the third experiment to examine the effect of outer space on barley germination. You.

In the first experiment, we shipped dried cereals to space and then sent them back to Earth to see how they differed when grown in fields on Earth. Then, although some seeds looked different from normal seeds, the difference disappeared in the following year. In the second experiment, barley germinated in the ISS, and it was found that barley germinated in space has differences in cell structure and metabolic pathways compared to those germinated on earth.

In this experiment, it is said that barley is germinated in the same way as a normal manufacturing process to produce malt, and to investigate how weightlessness affects malt. Hanning told Fox News, "In the latest malt production experiments, the air flow, water and temperature are controlled in the same way as in a normal production process." By analyzing each interaction in outer space, Anheiser Bush argued that it could push the boundaries of innovation.

by Matthew Hurst

It is not only Anheiser Bush that conducts experiments on alcohol in space. In November 2019,Twelve French red wines sent to the ISSExperiments have also begun to keep the ISS for one year in the ISS and ripen it to see how the taste and aroma change.

"Alcohol in Space: Past, Present and Future"Alcohol has played an important role in society, regardless of good or bad," said Chris Carbury, author of the book. At the time of writing the article, alcohol consumption on the ISS is prohibited, but Russian astronauts were launched by the Soviet Union on the space stationmealTocognacThere was also an anecdote that he brought liquor, and stated that liquor may have played a diplomatic role in outer space.

by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

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