A map that shows at a glance the status of infection of the new coronavirus worldwide

A new type of coronavirus that has occurred in Wuhan, China and continues to spread. Is the latest news that Japanese people are worried about returning to Japan from China? According to the Asahi Shimbun, the dispatch of a charter aircraft to return the remaining Japanese to the country will be scheduled for the night of January 28, 2020.

Well, reports on infections continue to be made every day in Japan and overseas, and it seems that it has become difficult to track where and how widespread it is. But come hereA map that shows the infection status at a glance appearsDid.

・ Johns Hopkins University

The map was created by Johns Hopkins University in the United States,Visit siteYou can use it.

Each item is in English, but there are no difficult words and it is intuitive. The number at the top left of the screenTotal number of confirmations worldwide. At 15:00 on January 28, 2020, who was writing the article, there were 4474 people.

On the mapRed circles indicate areas where infection was confirmedThen, the size of the circle indicates the size of the infection. It also includes the date and time the information was last updated, so you can see how current the information is. You can see the details by clicking, so if you look at Japan for a trial …

The confirmed prefectures and cities are blank, indicating that the data is for Japan as a whole. At this point the number of confirmations is 4. And the number of recovered persons was 1, and the number of fatalities was blank. In other words, the number of fatalities has not been confirmed.

The fourth patient is a Chinese man who was consulted at a medical institution in Aichi Prefecture and was confirmed infected at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases on the 26th. One of the people who recovered is probably a man from Kanagawa prefecture, announced by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on January 16.Information updates seem to be solid.

Looking at the whole, it seems that it is spreading mainly in big cities, but it does not seem to be so. For example, the United States was confirmed in California, but not confirmed in New York or Boston.

Germany also found one case in Bavaria, where Munich is located [Bavaria in English], but not in Germany, the largest city in Germany.

・ Overwhelming number of infected people in mainland China

If you expand the line graph at the bottom left, you can see the change in the number of infected people. Orange is mainland China and yellow is the rest of the world.

The number of infected people in mainland ChinaExponentially risingIn contrast, we can see that the rise in the number of other cases around the world has been significantly suppressed. By the way, the total outside of mainland China at this point is 65. We can see the results of our efforts to contain each country.

Business Insider reports in an article dated January 25, 2020, from a John Hopkins University expert opinion that it is more contagious but less severe than SARS.

Source:Wuhan Coronavirus Global Cases,Asahi Shimbun,NHK,Mix Online,Business Insider

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