A movie “ Free Guy '' trailer released by a bank employee who realized that he was the background character of the game and changed his life to become a hero


A movie “ Free Guy '' trailer released by a bank employee who realized that he was the background character of the game and changed his life to become a hero

A man who works at a bank counterNon player character(NPC) realizes that it will become a hero that saves the world with a continual flow …Free guy"The trailer has been released. Starringdead PoolAndDetective PikachuofRyan Reynoldsis.

Free Guy | Official Trailer | 20th Century FOX-YouTube

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The city projected from the beginning is destroyed one after another.

What slept with Suyasuya in a noisy city …

One man played by Ryan Reynolds. Very refreshing from getting up.

Only the same clothes are lined up in the closet.

When a man who got dressed goes out …

A person who throws a flamethrower in the city …

A person who destroys the city while traveling along a wire rope.

People who are attacked by robbers are also thrown out of the shop.

A man who kindly raises a person who has been blown away.

However, both men and friends' guards don't seem to be particularly robbed and interact with smiles as if nothing had happened.

Such a man's job is a bank clerk.

When a burglar comes in …

There is no appearance to fade …

I will lie down on the ground with my guards.

It ’s like a student speaking at bedtime on a school trip, “Now, have you ever thought of 'I want to do more?'” The man said. “What is more?” The security guard asks.

"So you're shot …"

"I was hit by a car …"

“It ’s more than a hostage.”

A man who was determined to “do something different today” while taking the glass broken by the robber.

The man calls out to the robber, “Hey!” And tries to get closer.

However, it is struck quickly.

It is full of facial wounds.

“Stop it! It ’s not what you do!”, But the security guard stops …

"No, I do"

Again to robberies.

A gun is pointed …

"I'm super scared!"

However, it was a coincidence that succeeded in blowing robbers.

What remained in my hand was sunglasses that had been robbed.

Wearing these sunglasses …

A world that men have never seen before appears.

Fighters fly around in a world where digital and reality merge …

There are various items on the road, such as recovery drugs.

“I want to try dragging it!” …… The unnamed “Guy” (male) who was the NPC of the game is transformed into a player.

A woman I met there.

Take me to a warehouse with lots of vehicles …

“Men, this is the world of video games.”

"Bad guys are all around"

A person who calls himself “Rule Breaker” who appears as a bad man.

“To be a good person, you need it”, men will take the role of saving the game world in a continual flow.

If you are fighting for being a "good person" and hurt your opponent …

“Wow, sorry! That ’s it!” Panic.

Still, we will survive in the game world with the help of women.

In addition, Free Guy is scheduled to be released in the United States on July 3, 2020, and the release date in Japan is undecided at the time of article creation.

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