A movie “ Into the Red Zone '' approaching the medical site of Italy and the life of citizens in the center of the pandemic is open, “ This is a war without sound ''


A movie “ Into the Red Zone '' approaching the medical site of Italy and the life of citizens in the center of the pandemic is open, “ This is a war without sound ''

The outbreak of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) has infected more than 130,000 people and killed more than 17,000 people in Italy. In the fact that Italy is in a state where the cremation can not keep up and the funeral home is closed, the British media “Sky NewsIs approaching. A shock video is available that says, "No bombs, no blood on the streets, but this is a" war without sound. "

The movie can be viewed from the following page.

Special report: Into the Red Zone | World News | Sky News

The movie shows the unpopular Roman town. In Italy where COVID-19 is rampant, there is no more everyday like before.

The interview team headed to a Roman hospital that fights COVID-19 on the front line. When trying to enter the hospital premises, security guards wearing masks strictly controlled entry.

Ambulances come one after another.

The incoming ambulance is also managed to prevent people from overflowing the emergency room.

What is set up outside the hospitalTriageTent.

Inside is like this.

The hospital is still "manageable", but still many people are sick every day. A paramedic driving an ambulance wears protective clothing.

Patients with particularly severe symptoms or are covered with plastic shields.

As of April 2020, Italy is all locked down in the country, but the northern part is considered particularly serious. The interview team also headed to Milan, the capital in northern Italy.

There are cars on the road from Rome to Milan, but the main is a truck.

Even in the beautiful city of Milan, there is no sign of people. In Milan, the number of corpses soared that crematorium could not catch up, even closing the crematoriumDeveloping.

A car warning the citizens about COVID-19 is always running.

Even if you shoot the town from a distance, it's like the tranquility of the end-of-the-end world in a movie.

The interview team visited Governor Bergamo, a town near Milan. Governor Giogio Gori said he wanted to bring back his daughter studying in the UK. "This is the epicenter of the plague, but I still think it's safer than the UK. I don't know why the UK doesn't make any immediate decision to protect its citizens," Gori said. The timing of this interview is unknown, but on March 23, 2020, it was announced that lockdowns would take place in cities across the UK.

Next, the interview team visited the hospital. Here, we wear protective clothing to enter the sterile room.

Not only masks but gloves and …

Goggles are also attached.

And inside.

The operating room is now full, and the passages are full of patients.

Below is a treatment room for patients with more severe symptoms.

All patients have faces covered with respiratory organs.

Some inpatients could afford to touch their smartphones while wearing their respiratory organs.

Doctors are constantly moving around and rushing when their condition worsens.

More patients will be transported to hospitals already full of patients.

SARS-CoV-2 was initially thought to be like influenza, but "it's more like pneumonia than influenza. It's a very serious pneumonia. 50 to 60 patients daily Are brought here, but most are severe pneumonia and require a lot of oxygen, "said Dr. Roberto Cosentini.

There are also research facilities in the hospital where vaccine development is underway. Although vaccine development is progressing, it still needs a long way to go.

The message from Italy to the world is very simple, "Be prepared."

After the interview, when leaving the facility, take off your protective clothing while repeating alcohol disinfection many times.

Take off your goggles …


Take off your protective clothing and disinfect again.

Then, remove the mask at a stretch to keep it away from your body.

Back to town. Even when the town is locked down, people still need to go out to get the necessities.

Supermarkets were managed at the entrance to prevent people from entering the building too much.

In the newspaper …

Information on the deceased was written on many pages. Most are in their 70s and 80s, but some are young, such as 40s.

In a town where there is no sign of people …

Encounter one woman. A woman who saw her friends and relatives dying slowly said, "It's really hard not to say goodbye. I see people on important jobs trying to save people, It's hard to see how I couldn't save my life, "she said with tears in her eyes.

In the empty square, an elderly couple sat.

The couple, both 73 years old, said they had been in the sun for the first time in one day today.

“ We are in a place where the number of infected and dead people is increasing even at this moment '' “ I am very scared, but I am trying to live as usual without panic, '' the couple said .

However, in the chaos, the community has seen some helping each other.

Volunteers who deliver food and daily necessities for those who cannot go out or the elderly who are already sick.

The church distributes food and supplies. The impact of lockdowns on homelessness is a problem.

People who receive drinks.

He runs a hostel for people who cannot be hospitalized by COVID-19 but cannot.

Valentino Tribbia also visits people who are sick and distributes medicine.

"Thank you," a woman calls out to Tribbia from across the door.

When asked why he volunteered, Tribbia, who had just lost his uncle at COVID-19, said, "Why … There are voices saying that many people are in trouble …. I'm going to go crazy. I want to do something a little help. "

Governor Gori is tired of working 20 hours a day to deal with COVID-19.

Gori is struggling to know the "real mortality rate". As of April 2020, only those with symptoms such as high fever and cough were included in the data and were tested and diagnosed with the new coronavirus. If you have no symptoms and can breathe, you will not be able to go to the hospital and stay at home without medication. There was a problem that even if they died in that situation, they would not be counted as COVID-19 patients, Governor Gori said, "I believe there are more deaths from actual COVID-19."

The state of the ICU where people with more severe symptoms entered was also shown. There is no longer any treatment available to doctors and nurses, just to save lives.

At this hospital where many people are connected by tubes, pressure on medical care is already occurring.

However, thanks to healthcare professionals, some patients were getting better.

"I can only go home for a few hours and have to return to the hospital immediately for the patient," said intensive care physician Leonor Tamayo.

Dr. Emanuela Catenbassi points out that the crucial point of COVID-19 is "I can't see anyone." "It's a very difficult situation emotionally. Here people die, they can't meet anyone, they die alone," said Catenbassi, saying to the world "lock down." did.

Governor Gori was asked, "Do you think Italy will be restored?" And answered "No." "As one of us, I don't think so. My father and mother were worried about the war. There are no bombs here and there is no blood on the streets, but the effects of war and Same, this is a 'silent war' with many dead people, "said Gori.

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