A movie of the latest smart glass technology “ BML500P '' that projects mail and navigation directly to the eyes is on sale


A movie of the latest smart glass technology “ BML500P '' that projects mail and navigation directly to the eyes is on sale

The world's largest consumer electronics fairCES 2020In the automotive and electronic control equipment manufacturersBoschBut quietlyGoogle GlassSmart glasses technology equipped with AR as aimed by “BML500PWas announced. BML500P is a technology that draws an image directly on the retina instead of projecting the image on the lens of the glasses.

BML500P | Bosch Sensortec

Bosch Gets Smartglasses Right With Tiny Eyeball Lasers-IEEE Spectrum

This is Bosch's smart glass exhibited at CES. It's still a prototype, so the design is bold …

If you wear glasses, the graphic will be projected like this. This is the display of the route guidance, "Now to the right 200 m ahead", the navigation will be displayed in front of you without having to check the smartphone. Display animation in front of the screenMagic LeapUnlike Bosch's smart glasses, which display useful information at a minimum, the display disappears when the position of the glasses is shifted. In addition, you can operate by tapping the side of the glasses like Google Glass.

Smart glasses have a mechanism of “irradiating a laser to the eyes”, and custom fitting is essential to properly irradiate. At the booth, Bosch's senior project manager, Brian Rossini, customized the installation.

At first glance, the finished product will look like ordinary glasses at first glance.

What can you do with Bosch smart glasses? That can be confirmed from the following movie.

Stay Focused. Stay Connected. With the Bosch Smartglasses Light Drive-Full Video-YouTube

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A woman who shakes her hand and goes out.

Both women and men wear glasses.

Woman launches map on smartphone.

When I look up …

The distance to the destination in front of me …

The direction of travel has appeared.

Take the electric bicycle and follow the navigation. You can also check the battery status of the electric bicycle.

The screen switches, and a meeting in the office is taking place.

A notification arrives on the male smartphone.

Then in the man's view …

An e-mail notification confirming the dinner schedule was projected through the glass. It's hard to see your smartphone during a meeting, but with Bosch's smart glasses you'll be able to see notifications without anyone knowing, and it's very smart.

The screen returns to the woman driving the bicycle again. The woman has arrived at the supermarket.

The shopping list will be displayed in front of you.

After purchasing the lemon …

Flick the side of the glasses.

Then the lemon disappears from the list and the rest is only eggs and bread. You can update the list in real time with just a tap.

In addition, men who are answering at home will continue to cook. It is not easy to cook while watching the recipe on a book or smartphone, but by displaying the recipe in front of you, you can concentrate on your work.

To another scene again. When a woman sends an email …

A message was displayed on the men's glasses. The message "The bus does not come. Come pick me up!"

And "Tap to change route" is displayed.

When a man hits his glasses with a bang …

Route change.

The route has been changed to pick up women.

And they can safely meet …

The woman who was shopping comes home.

The man successfully completed the dessert with the lemon he purchased.

The two were making dinner …

For dinner with the two we had just met. It was a movie that clearly showed how Bosch's smart glasses blended into everyday life and could replace smartphones.

Bosch's smart glass is to pass red, blue and green lasers of three colors to the holographic optical element embedded in the right lensMEMSHe says he uses a mirror array. When this light is reflected to the eyes, the image is drawn directly on the retina.

This mechanism is the point of smart glasses, and since the AR image is drawn directly on the retina, the image is always focused, and even if you move the focus when looking far or near, the image will not be blurred There is none. People can measure the distance to an object by the degree of focus on the object, but since the display projected on the smart glass is always in focus, the brain will see the object in front of At the same distance ". Also, people can get a sense of where the object is through two eyes, but Bosch's smart glass is projected only on one eye, so it is more difficult for the brain to grasp “ distance to the displayed display '' Become. As a result, the field of view that the image pops out in front of you is completed.

Bosch does not actually make products, it only develops technology inside smart glasses. In other words, in order for these smart glasses to reach the hands of people, another company is needed to complete the product. Optical drive technology isn't going to be that expensive, so smart glasses made at lower cost are expected to appear soon.

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