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The car navigation app “Yahoo! Car Navi” has released “New Year's and New Year Congestion Forecast 2019-2020” for 9 highway routes nationwide.

Check the congestion status for 10 days by time zone

In the year-end and New Year traffic jam forecast 2019-2020, the 10-day congestion status of nine highways nationwide from Friday, December 27, 2019 to Sunday, January 5, 2020 is shown for each time zone. You can check it.

Use it when planning to avoid traffic jams during the year-end and New Year holidays, such as going home and going out!

■ Target period of traffic jam forecast
From December 27, 2019 (Friday) to January 5, 2020 (Sunday)

■ 9 expressway routes (sections)
・ Tohoku Expressway: Urawa IC-Utsunomiya IC
・ Kanetsu Expressway: Nerima IC-Takasaki IC
-Joban Expressway: Misato IC-Mito IC
・ Chuo Expressway: Takaido IC-Otsuki IC
・ Tomei Expressway: Tokyo IC-Gotemba IC
・ Meishin Expressway: Yokaichi IC-Suita IC
・ Chinese Expressway: China Suita IC-Yoshikawa IC
・ Sanyo / Chugoku: Takarazuka IC-Miki Higashi IC
・ Kyushu Expressway: Yawata IC-Kurume IC

■ Information that can be confirmed
・ Time required to pass the target route (section) (displayed for each time zone)
・ Congestion compared to the normal period (excluding “traffic congestion period” such as GW, Obon, and New Year holidays)

* Because it is forecast data, it may differ from the actual required time.

■ How to use "New Year's and New Year's Traffic Forecast 2019-2020"

▼ Tap the menu button in the upper left, and then select “Upcoming” and “Downward” from the desired route.

▼ Tap the date you want to check, you can check "traffic jam forecast", you can see the peak time of traffic jam and the approximate time required to pass.

▼ Tap the green route name (section), select the route name (section) you want to display, and tap “Done” to switch the displayed route for traffic jam prediction.

* Traffic congestion prediction data is provided by Central Japan Expressway Co., Ltd. (NEXCO Central Japan).

Yahoo! Car Navigation ・ A sales agency: Yahoo Japan Corporation
・ DL price when posting: Free
・ Category: Navigation
・ Capacity: 68.6 MB
・ Version: 2.7.9
* Capacity is at maximum. It may be smaller depending on the model and other conditions.

(C) 2019 Yahoo Japan Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

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