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A must-see technique for music lovers! Play your favorite playlist with one tap from the home screen: iPhone Tips-Engadget Japan Version

iPhoneWhen you work on something, if you have "work BGM", you will be motivated. With the "Shortcut" app, you can create a playlist with your favorite songs and play it with just one tap. This time, if you listen to music with the “Music” app, you will find some must-see techniques.

Get "Play Playlist"

First, let's get the recipe "Play Playlist". Open the "Shortcut" app and tap "Gallery" at the bottom right of the screen. Next, select "Play Playlist" in the "Required Shortcuts" field and "Add Shortcut".

▲ Select "Play Playlist" in "Gallery" [left]. Tap "Add Shortcut" at the bottom of the screen [right]

Next, tap “Select” and select the playlist you want to play from the “Music” app. With "Done", the acquisition of the recipe is OK.

▲ Tap "Select" and select a playlist to play. I've packed my favorite songs in "Favorites", so select it [left]. Tap "Done" [right]

Add recipe to home screen

Once you have the recipe, customize the playback settings to your liking and add the recipe to your home screen. Open "My Shortcuts" and tap the round icon at the top right of "Play Playlist". If the following screen says "You don't have access to your music library", tap "Shortcut details" to allow access.

If you want to play a song in shuffle, press "Show more" and select "Song" in the "Shuffle" column.

▲ Tap "Increase display" [left]. Select "Song". Settings for repeat playback are also possible [right]

Then tap the round icon on the upper right and select "Add to Home Screen". Click “Add” to add this recipe to the home screen. Now you can play your favorite playlist right from the home screen.

▲ Tap the round icon [left]. Select "Add to home screen" and "Add" on the next screen. You can change the icon and name to whatever you like [right]

▲ Tap "Play playlist" added to the home screen [left]. Songs in "Favorites" were shuffled [right]

Tap "Play Playlist" again to change the song. If you want to stop playing, pause in the Music app or Control Center.

Use this recipe to quickly play your favorite songs when commuting or jogging. This is a very useful feature for people who like music, so please try it.


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