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A natural rudder that blends into your skin! Addiction's Summer 2020 Collection Adds Limited Edition Addiction @ Teak Polish L

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Create a pure expression from Addiction's 2020 Summer CollectionLimited edition 3 colors of "Addiction @ Teak Polish L"Appeared!限定 The three limited colors of reddish brown, terracotta and berry red blend into the skin and give a natural ruddy feeling. The liquid type is easy to blur and easy to stack, so the color can be adjusted freely. Check the 3 colors and finish immediately!

Addiction's popular liquid teak comes with a limited edition color for the 2020 summer collection

"KALLARA DAZZLE" theme,AddictionSummer 2020 collection. There is a color collection inspired by mysterious treasures found in Indian temples. This time from withinAddiction @ Teak Polish LLimited 3 colorsPick up!

"Addiction @ Teak Polish L" (limited 3 colors, 12 mL, suggested retail price 2,800 yen excluding tax, released on April 4, 2020 * Limited quantity)Is a liquid-type blush that gives a natural ruddy feel that blends into the skin. It is also a nice point that you can adjust the color depending on the amount you apply, so you can achieve the color development that suits your taste. It also features a beautiful finish that can be kept for a long time in order to adhere firmly to the skin.

The limited colors that appear this time are three colors: a reddish brown "21 Laterite" inspired by the land of India, a bright and familiar terracotta "22 Burnt Clay", and a thick juice-like berry red "23 Phalsa Berry". Both colors are easy to use.

Produces a ruddy appearance that oozes from inside with a smooth finish

Try "Addiction @ Teak Polish L" right away!

This time, I use "23 Phalsa Berry". It is a deep, calm red. Shake gently with the cap closed before using.

The brush is stiff and easy to use! It's like a nail color brush!

Adjust the amount by brushing both sides of the brush with the bottle mouth. At first it is recommended to put a little.

Apply directly to the cheeks with a brush. The texture is fresh and smooth.

Tap and pat with your finger to blend in. Easy to blur due to liquid texture. It is easy to use because it spreads smoothly on the skin and has no stickiness.

A ruddy cheek that oozes out naturally from the inside!赤 Because of the elegant red color, the skin fits well and it is good that it does not float.

With a transparent coloration, it was finished on a cheek with a pure color and cuteness that seemed to be slightly upbeat.

If you want a little more color, stack them up. It is convenient to be able to control the colors you like. It is recommended that you add them slowly and watch them.

Addiction @ Teak Polish L is smooth and smooth, making it easy to use. We are glad that adhesion is high and is hard to be hard to fall off. It was easy to adjust to your favorite color development, and natural ruddy feeling was kept over time.

Purchase from department stores and official websites. Release on April 4, 2020, please check early if you are worried because of the limited quantity.

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