A new style of fashion that emphasizes fat rather than hides it


A new style of fashion that emphasizes fat rather than hides it

Fashion that “hides” the things that you don't like in your body is common, but there is an awareness that there is a “flaw” in your body behind the act of “hiding”. In light of the current situation that people often have a negative body image due to the influence of SNS, a style of fashion that dares to show and emphasize the parts of the body that have been hidden so far has appeared.

Karoline Vitto

Karoline Vitto's garments accentuate the fat rolls women are told to hide

Karoline Vitto, a Brazilian-born / bred fashion designer, says she can only have a good relationship with her body after living in the UK. To reconsider his body image while in Brazil, Vitto first began taking pictures wearing a waist-building corset purchased in Brazil. Corsets are originally intended to make your body look slender, but if you forcibly hold down only a part of the torso, the flesh will protrude to another place. For this reason, it is said that special bras and underwear will be required to smooth the body curve.

Focusing on this point, Vitto decided to show off the "flesh that sticks out" that he thought should be hidden.

This is one of Vitto's favorite works. The black dress, which is wrapped with an elastic material, has part of the skin exposed, and the metal and elastic material are used to suppress the flesh to emphasize the flesh.

Looking at the dress you are wearing from another angle, it looks like this.

In addition, we can emphasize the meat by using rectangular metal …

He also likes dresses that emphasize back meat.

Garter belts that emphasize the thighs.

Dress that crushes the chest.

Various ingredients are wrapped around to emphasize the meat on the back.

This is how a dress is made with a torso. In addition to reproducing the feeling of flesh by wrapping cotton around a torso, the dress is created using multiple stretchable materials and metals.

Vitto is an art college in London, England,Royal College of ArtHe started a project as a graduation project for a student. This photo is also in the works.

Asymmetrical dress back. The protruding cotton gives you a good idea of ​​which parts of the meat are emphasized.

This is the metal used. This brass is also created by hand.

"The pressure to be beautiful afflicts many, if not all, women. This is not a solution or a story for everyone. Accepting the body is very It's a personal matter, but I'm proposing in this collection an easy way to review the body parts we've previously considered "flaws", "said Vitto.

In recent years, many brands have been working to make body images more positive. In 2019 NIKE introduced “ Large size mannequins '' to shipship stores in LondonControversy arose.

"Many brands are becoming more concerned about stereotypes, which means not only the variety on the runway, but also the variety of clothing sizes available and the variety in the form shown in ads. But I don't agree that taking a positive view of the body is “fashion”. Body image is not fashion, it's something we designers have to think at design time. ” Vitto said.

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