A new wireless LAN standard “ Wi-Fi 6E '' with 6 GHz band available is announced


A new wireless LAN standard “ Wi-Fi 6E '' with 6 GHz band available is announced

Formulate wireless LAN standardsWi-Fi AllianceExpands the frequency of radio waves used for communication to the 6 GHz band (5.925 GHz to 7.125 GHz)Wi-Fi 6EOn January 3, 2020.

Wi-Fi Alliance® brings Wi-Fi 6 into 6 GHz | Wi-Fi Alliance

In the past, the Wi-Fi standard supported only two frequencies, the 2.4GHz band and the 5GHz band.However, the number of Wi-Fi compatible terminals has increased in recent years, resulting in a shortage of available frequency channels.predictionit was done. Especially in the 2.4GHz band, it is easy to interfere due to the channel, and there may be situations where satisfactory communication cannot be performed.

Wi-Fi 6E is a standard that adds a 6GHz band to Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax) announced in October 2018 as a frequency that does not require a wireless license. Wi-Fi 6E is suitable for high-resolution video streaming and high-speed data communication. In the 6 GHz band, 14 channels of 80 MHz width and 7 channels of 160 MHz width are prepared. The Wi-Fi Alliance says that communications in the 6GHz band will be available immediately with regulatory approval.


Research companyIDCExpects Wi-Fi 6E to be used first in consumer access points and smartphones, followed by enterprise applications such as machine learning analytics, remote maintenance, and employee VR (virtual reality) training applications doing.

"If regulatory approval is granted and the 6 GHz band becomes available, products supporting the 6 GHz band will rapidly increase, as IDC research director Phil Solis said. It is huge and can be used efficiently with Wi-Fi 6 and later versions of Wi-Fi.In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission has alreadyRelease to unlicensed frequency bandsThe use of 6GHz is being approved in Europe, the Pacific and Asia regions. "

The Wi-Fi Alliance states, "Wi-Fi isInternet of ThingsRecognized as a substrate technology for (IoT), it is making a significant contribution to the world economy by enabling the provision of 5G in areas where communication network services are not sufficient.“Wi-Fi 6E uses 6GHz It offers highly anticipated VR and AR (Augmented Reality) use cases for the consumer, enterprise and industrial environments. "

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