A nostalgic game appeared as a stamp, a lineup of classics such as Tomb Raider and Lemmings


A nostalgic game appeared as a stamp, a lineup of classics such as Tomb Raider and Lemmings

Designed nine works that symbolize video games of the 80's and 90'sRetro game stamps”Is a British postal serviceRoyal mailAppeared from. The stamp set that selected the best games from England wasJoystickAn action-packed collector item that brings Joy to the world. "

Classic UK Video Games Celebrated in New Royal Mail Stamp

Video Games | Royal Mail

The story behind Royal Mail's new video game stamp set-Features-Digital Arts

This is "Video Games Presentation Pack" which Royal Mail released this time. The price is 14.25 pounds (about 2035 yen) and comes in two sets: a stamp sheet designed for eight title games, and a stamp sheet selected from the four Tomb Raider series.

The breakdown of 9 games designed on stamps is as follows.

◆ Elite

"EliteWas released in 1984BBC MicroA game released in such a way that trades and battles while traveling in a vast universe.Wire frameIs one of the first home games to have 3D graphics.

◆ Sensible Soccer

"Sensible SoccerWas released in 1992 by Commodore.AmigaAndMS-DOSIs a soccer simulation game released by. It has been nicknamed "Sensi" by fans, and it is still cult-like in 2020, nearly 30 years after its release.

◆ Wipe out

Released on PlayStation, Sega Saturn and PC in 1995 overseas and in Japan in 1996Wipe outIs a racing game that gained popularity with its incredibly beautiful 3D graphics at the time. It is also called "England Techno Four Kings"OrbitalAndThe Chemical BrothersThey are also known for their high quality BGM.

◆ Dizzy

The anthropomorphic egg Dizzy is the main characterDizzyWas released in 1987.Amstrad CPCIt is a puzzle solving game released in such as. It is one of the most successful British games from the late 1980s to the early 1990s.

◆ Worms

Amiga in 1995Game BoyReleased forWormsIs a fighting game where you control a swarm of worms that use hand grenades and bazookas to annihilate enemy worms.

◆ Lemmings

Lemmings was released for the Amiga in 1991Action puzzle gamesis. Known for the urban legend of mass suicideLemmingThe motif was popular because of the small movements that small dot characters can show.

The following article will help you understand what Lemmings looks like.

A game designer at the time talks about the secret story of developing the legendary puzzle game “ Lemmings '' that sold more than 20 million copies-gigazine


◆ Micro Machines

"Micro MachinesIs an overseas version of Nintendo Family Computer in 1991Nintendo Entertainment System(NES)This is a top-down type racing game with the content of winning a Grand Prix on a tabletop driven by a toy machine.

◆ Populous

Released on Amiga in 1989PopulousIs a simulation game in which a god player flourishes the ethnic group who exalts himself and leads to the destruction of the hostile nation. later"God games"Has become a pioneer in the genre called.

◆ Tomb Raider

The exceptional treatment that one stamp sheet is created for each of the four titles is a game series that has gained tremendous support since it appeared in 1996.tomb Raider"is. This time the stamp was made in 1996 by Sega Saturn PlayStationMS-DOSThe first generation developed fortomb Raider, 1998 sequel "Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft”, The fifth work in the series that appeared in 2000Tomb Raider Chronicles", A reboot work released in 2013 that became a hot topic because fictitious Japan was selected for the stage"tomb Raider4 works.

"These stamps represent the cultural significance of the game and the British game industry. Games are a matter of course," said Sam Dyer, creative director at Bitmap Books, a publisher involved in game selection. It's surprising to see it being praised in this way, because it's often badly reported and listed as a spearball of any kind. "

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