A nostalgic Mitsubishi pencil becomes a digital pen! "Hi-uni DIGITAL for Wacom" launched

The digital pen "Hi-uni DIGITAL for Wacom" that reproduces "Hi-uni", the high-end pencil series of Mitsubishi Pencil, has been announced! Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd., Wacom Co., Ltd., and Celsys Co., Ltd. collaborated for the first time. It seems to be a sophisticated product so that you can experience the pencil drawing digitally.

You who normally work with LCD tablets!
You are a pencil but want to touch digital!

It's an intriguing book, right?

Electromagnetic induction type digital pen imitating Hi-uni design

Electromagnetic induction type digital pen imitating Hi-uni design

"That? Don't write on the liquid tab with a pencil!"

This looks like a pencil. Actually, it's a digital pen for LCD pen tablet!
The hexagonal axis peculiar to pencils is manufactured with the same production process and the same wood as "Hi-uni". The "unicolor" axis that anyone who has used it at a glance can see at a glance, the golden ring, and the sleek and lustrous body of lacquer ware add a sense of luxury and speciality. The texture that fits comfortably in your hand and the unique soft scent of wood are as if you were writing on paper with a pencil.

Not just looks! "Hi-uni DIGITAL for Wacom"

When using a digital pen, what you care about is its performance and comfort.
Although it is slimmer than a general digital pen, it has almost the same shape as a pencil, so you can quickly get used to it.
The pen pressure detection level is 4096 steps, which is the same as the pen included in Wacom One. Although not as good as a professional pen, it has perfect performance.

The only compatible model is Wacom LCD pen tablet "Wacom One".

Also note that it does not support the Wacom Cintiq, which is also a liquid crystal tablet, or a pen tablet. However, there are compatible devices such as Acer's Chromebook and Samsung's Galaxy. For compatible models other than Wacom productsWacom official pagecheck!

Brush tool for "CLIP STUDIO PAINT"

further! A "Hi-uni brush" that can be added to Celsis' illustration software "CLIP STUDIO PAINT" is now available. By installing it, you can faithfully reproduce the delicate shades and strengths of all 22 Hi-Uni hardnesses (10H to 10B), and the pencil-like character such as "blurring".
I'm happy that I can express the unique atmosphere of a pencil. "Hi-uni Brush" data that enables writing lines unique to "Hi-uni" in a digital environment can be obtained for free by Wacom One purchasers!

A bridge between digital and analog

This time, we introduced the digital pen "Hi-uni DIGITAL for Wacom", which reproduces the high-end pencil series "Hi-uni" of Mitsubishi Pencil. By reproducing the warm feeling unique to Hi-uni with a digital pen, you can achieve the best of a digital pen and pencil.
The price of "Hi-uni DIGITAL for Wacom" is 3960 yen (tax included).
Please try this one that lets you experience the warmth of a pencil even digitally!

Click here for details on "Hi-uni DIGITAL for Wacom" →"Hi-uni DIGITAL for Wacom"

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(Sentence: Shino Ichinose.)
(Edit: momozow)

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