A one-owner Publica who has been riding since purchasing a Publica sold with a driver's license in 1967.

67-year model Publica 800 Deluxe
Publica was released in 1961 as Toyota's first compact public car. The displacement, which was originally 0.7 liters, was expanded to 0.8 liters in a minor change in 1966, and the name Publica 800 was given.
四 Mr. Shiro Ishiyama who has purchased the Publica 800 Deluxe in 67 and has been riding since then.
The encounter was surprising.
Publica Headlights

石 Mr. Ishiyama, who was a child in the countryside of Fukushima Prefecture, was watching a rattling machine moving from the roadside.
に は In front of her gaze, there was a sewing machine that Mr. maid dexterously manipulated and clothes that could be sewn up.

石 Mr. Ishiyama, who liked making things, watched the figure until late at night. She was so angry at her that she was too late.
At that time, I was in the fourth grade of elementary school, but I had already decided at that time that I wanted to use sewing machines and make clothes.

石 Mr. Ishiyama, who graduated from school and got a job, decided to work as a tailor without hesitation.
At that time, I went to Shimbashi in Tokyo to acquire skills in the form of servants.
と い う He said he was worried about his first Tokyo, but he wanted to decorate his hometown with Nishiki and worked hard.

技術 Every profession that I had been aiming for since I was a child, I learned my skills day by day.
After four years, after working for two years as a priest, she went to school to study cutting and became a tailor.
Worked as a tailor employee for three years, earned money, and became independent at the age of 27. He started "Tailor Ishiyama".

Until independence, even at an early age, there was almost no connection with a car.
However, some form of transportation was needed to work.
That was the job of a tailor, an indispensable thing.

を 受 け Everything was not finished in the store, such as receiving an order for clothes. In many cases, such as measuring, stitching, and delivery, it is often necessary to go to the customer's location.
I bought a used bicycle at first. Later, I got my scooter, but soon let go.
も In some cases, it was too cold to write a receipt.

And, above all, I wish I had only to move myself, but it was not convenient to carry clothes by motorcycle.
雨 To protect the dough, we had to beat the rain and wind.
And the selected car is Subaru 360.
At that time, the car was just starting to be released, and was the best way to cover it.
Everything I carry was clothes, so I did enough work with this small minicar.

@ Subaru 360 also went on a family trip. Although it was for work, a child was born and was useful in various situations.

However, it is unthinkable nowadays that one day, a dealer came from a Toyota dealer and suggested that they switch from a minicar.

"At the time, I only had a minicar license, and a minicar was enough. There was no minicar at Toyota, and I needed to get a license to buy a Toyota car. It was said that the dealer's salesman would get a license, but at that time there weren't many people who had a normal car license, so I was a little surprised. went to"

石 Mr. Ishiyama didn't know what the connection was between the dealer and the driving school, but she soon went to the driving school and was able to get a license.
It is said that the salesman paid a total of about 30,000 yen for 300 yen per subject. What's more, Ishiyama invited a friend and a few people benefited.

普通 And I got a normal car license and decided to buy a Toyota car with a friend.
8Since he was on the Subaru 360 for eight years at work, he thought he wanted a car as small as possible.

At that time, the lineup of Toyota passenger cars was of three types: Publica, Corona and Crown. Publica was chosen because it was the smallest car.
"The three-box style, with a size similar to that of a minicar and with a separate trunk room, felt very cute. The styling was fresh, and there was a gentleman-like atmosphere from the publica and I fell in love immediately. is"

Publica with an elaborate design despite its compact body size. Mr. Ishiyama felt a gentleman's image from this styling, initially saying that it was Toyota's smallest car, but ultimately this Publica 800 was the one that best suited Mr. Ishiyama's intention Would.

Emblem of "DELUXE" attached to the rear trunk hood. The rear combination lamp of the neat design is installed under it.

The engine room has a surprisingly simple structure. Thanks to the air cooling system, a compact engine unit was completed. Thanks to this, it is easy to maintain and will still be able to move.

A plate with the unique "Publica" engraved with UP20. The number of cylinders, maximum output, etc. are specified. Installed near the top of the left front suspension.

Published: Nostalgic Hero 2008/08 年 vol.128 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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