A person who misdelivered a product different from the order five times in a row from Amazon appeared

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A person who misdelivered a product different from the order five times in a row from Amazon appeared

by gwaar

Twitter usersdave meslinTweeted a story about a product purchased on Amazon that wasn't delivered correctly. Mr. meslin reported that he had suffered from incorrect delivery five times in a row.

"Three weeks ago, I wasAmazon.casoThe Packaging WholesalersI ordered a cardboard box from. I ordered 6 inches long x 9 inches wide x 6 inches high (15.24 cm x 22.86 cm x 15.24 cm height)Set of 25 cardboard boxesis"

"The product arrived, but the one inside the box was a granola with chocolate sea salt flavor."

"I was frustrated, but mistakes were made, and when I visited, I realized I could return the item for free. So, the button" Send wrong item " I asked you to get the right product. "

"And this was what arrived a few days later. A new granola bag arrived."

"I returned it again, canceled the order itself and asked for a refund. Then I ordered the cardboard box again from I thought the misdelivery that occurred to me was a one-time event. And thought it was the best way to get the right product. ''

"And two days after the order, the product was delivered back in the box. Inside was a Harry Potter coaster."

"I returned this again, but couldn't understand why the misdelivery was happening, so instead of asking for a refund, I contacted again and asked me to" send the correct product. " Yesterday, a new bag of granola arrived home. ''

"In addition, all of the problems were solved within me today. Granola and coaster companies have purchased cardboard boxes for shipping from the manufacturers of cardboard boxes I was trying to buy. It turned out, and's barcode scanner read the old barcode affixed to the carton (after being sold to a granola company or coaster company) and made the wrong shipment. "

"So every time delivered the wrong item, I got one cardboard box I really wanted, so I ordered the right set of 25 cardboard boxes, I will return it. Please keep the carton in a plastic bag. "

"After I tweeted about Amazon's misdelivery, I received a fantastic message from Amazon Customer Service. The message recommended contacting Amazon Customer Service. After a 40 minute online chat, Said, "The wrong product was being delivered due to an error, but now we can get the right product."

"I honestly answered," Is the error fixed? I'm skeptical because the first three weren't fixed, "but from," You got the right product. Yes, it's no trouble for you anymore. Don't worry. ", And once again I ordered a cardboard box from The Packaging Wholesalers …"

"Today, a new cardboard box has arrived."

"Now I received a total of 12 bags of granola and 4 Harry Potter coasters. I also contacted The Packaging Wholesalers, a cardboard box distributor, to make sure they are handled correctly. I couldn'tMike LaytonI would like to go to the store and buy a cardboard box, as advised by you. ''

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