A photographer is requested from an overseas traveler.

Cometel's variety program “Please take a picture instead” [Kansai Local] will be broadcast from 1 o'clock midnight on the 15th, because of the comedy combination “Marbled Meisei” [27] and coarse goods [26].

The show will be MC by Seiya and crude. A project to give a small camera “GoPro” to an “person who goes abroad for an interesting purpose” that I met at the airport and to take a picture of it instead of the staff. "A man heading to Thailand to get an elephant license", "All the records of men who challenged the mountain race in 338km in Italy", "Ethiopia picks up a baby who was just born with his wife Videos taken from the viewpoint of ordinary people, such as “Iku Man”.

The crude product that was recorded was "new program. The video was beautiful, and I felt like I was getting a sense of having a wonderful view of various countries and various experiences." Seiya says, “It ’s a program that you want to be regular. It ’s just right for an era where even amateurs can play an active part on their smartphones and You Tube. I think it ’s a program. ”

What if I was given "Go Pro"? For the question, the parents said that the barbecue of the yakiniku restaurant “I can shoot the state of the kitchen that you do n’t know! There is a pot that extinguishes charcoal. Everyone will not know how to extinguish charcoal. "It's not just water, just put it in a pot and cover it," he said. On the other hand, Seiya suggested “how you can get involved in the city. Because at least a dozen people say“ Seiyan Yanke ”,” he proposed a “photoshoot” of everyday scenes.

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