A place to appeal to juniors who do not have a match by playing against professionals

Japanese men's professional tennis players embark on the support of college students and juniors and hold the competition themselves. The All Japan Men's Professional Tennis Players Association, which was established in December 2018, has a conference in Tokyo on the 17th. On August 1, it was announced in the Tokyo metropolitan area that the group competition "+POWER CUP" of the students, 6 top junior players and 6 top professional players selected by open recruitment will be held with no audience.

Goto Soeda, president of the athletes' association, said, "There are no more junior or student games, so there is no more place to appeal to professionals." The high school overall and student league games were canceled or postponed due to the spread of the new coronavirus. Pointed out. "I wanted to give them a place," he said in four months of conception.

The top professionals in the field, including Soeda, are No. 2 in Japan, No. 2 in the world, No. 48, Yoshihito Nishioka [Miki House], No. 90, Yasutaka Uchiyama [Sekisui Chemical], No. 155, Ryoma Ito [North Japan Bussan], and so on. It is a member. This is the best match for juniors and students. Uchiyama was pleased that "it was a great opportunity to give young players the opportunity to play games."

Also, at this competition. An official T-shirt with the autographs of participating players will be sold under the title "Tomorrow's Support Project". The idea is to donate the sales to medical staff. See for details.

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