“ A plant-based artificial meat burger grows male boobs, '' the livestock industry claims


“ A plant-based artificial meat burger grows male boobs, '' the livestock industry claims

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American livestock industry newspaperTri-State Livestock News(TSLN)“ A hamburger using plant-derived artificial meat is a kind of female hormone 18 million times as much as a normal hamburgerestrogen, And if you eat even four, even men will grow boobs. " The Washington Post, in response, wrote a rebuttal article stating that it was "unfounded."

Stangle: Impossible burgers are made of what? |

Dear men: There ’s no evidence that eating Impossible Whoppers will give you breasts-The Washington Post

Plant-based burgers will make men grow boobs, Livestock News reports | Ars Technica

TSLN stated in an article, "Issue of Burger King using artificial meat derived from plants provided by Impossible Foods.Impossible Whopper]Is 5% lower in calories and 11% lower in protein than normalEssential amino acidsHas the advantage of containing all However, estrogen, a type of female hormone, contains 18 million times as much as a normal wapper. "

According to this article, “ Waffles made with normal beef contain only 2.5 ng (nanogram) of estrogen, but the estrogen contained in Impossible Whopper contains 44 mg per estrogen, about 18 million times more estrogen "If you drink six glasses of soy milk every day, you get enough estrogen to grow your male boobs. Eating four Impossible Whoppers gives you the same amount of estrogen. I will take it. "

TSLN's logic is based on a long-standing belief that soy-based foods "feminize" men. Soy has a chemical structure similar to estrogenIsoflavonesIt is a high concentration of, and even acts like estrogen in some mammalian tissues. However, some opponents of TSLN have pointed out that "the action is too weak to show the same effect as estrogen."

Soybeans and isoflavones have been attracting attention as research subjects for some time, and they have the effect of preventing certain types of cancer and heart disease, alleviating symptoms of menopause, but also causing cognitive impairment in the elderly. Has also been reported.

Soy isoflavones | Linus Pauling Institute | Oregon State University

In fact, in 2008, a 60-year-old man who drank 2.8 liters of soy milk every day complained of swelling of the breastreportthere is. The tumor itself was benign, but this one has led to the belief that "when you consume soy, even men have larger breasts."

Although some have pointed out that overdose of soy milk can be harmful, many studies have concluded that “ consumption of isoflavones in the normal range does not affect the amount of male hormones, sperm and semen '' .American Academy of PediatricsIsGalactosemia,Lactose intoleranceAnd against milkImmunoglobulin EWe recommend soy-based formula over infant formula for infants with related allergies.

Where We Stand: Soy

Harvard University's Department of Nutrition says, “ Soybeans are quite safe if eaten several times a week, and may even provide health benefits if eaten in place of red meat or processed meat. ''AnnouncementQuotes the Washington Post as saying, "There is no research finding that eating Impossible Whoppers can increase breasts."

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