A premier car awakened from a long sleep | Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ

Those who have long admired Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ someday have seen the estimated winning bid of $ 600,000 to $ 800,000 for this 1960 model [winning price is $ 570,000], and finally reachable You'll be sad if you've become a noble Takatsuki flower. Certainly the price has risen in the last few years, but this one has a special reason to have a considerable premiere.
The expression “conditions that jumped over time” seems to have been abused, but this time it is just right. Giulietta SZ has only 200 units manufactured, but chassis number 43 has not been in full swing since the start of Targa Florio in 1963.

For almost half a century until last year, even the sunlight has hardly been bathed. This Giulietta SZ was delivered to Gianni Bulgari in Rome, and immediately joined Targa Florio and Tour de France as a member of the Scuderia Campidoglio.

After the 1962 season, it was handed over to the new owner, and after one year of racing, she was sold to New York. So the race retired, and from 1968 to 69, it was finished. However, in August 2014, he made a sudden comeback at the Lime Rock Historics and won the competition in the “Untouched” class. There is no doubt that bonus points were awarded to the 1963 Targa Florio stickers that remained unpasted.

Since I woke up from a long sleep, of course I need mechanical care, but I would like to leave the faded texture. I just hope that it went into the hands of a person who didn't even think about fine dust, such as full restore.

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