A project to clean water with “ beer waste '' that causes water pollution


A project to clean water with “ beer waste '' that causes water pollution

In the United States, where craft beer production is active, the wastewater discharged by the craft beer industry to sewage is becoming a serious problem. Meanwhile, it has been reported that waste generated as a by-product of beer production has become a clue to solving the sewage problem.

Beer Waste Helps Montana Town Save Money On Water Treatment: NPR

Cities in Montana, USABozemanThe water treatment plants in Japan process 6 million gallons of wastewater per day (about 230 million liters), including domestic wastewater of about 50,000 local residents and wastewater from 10 breweries. It contains.

In particular, wastewater from breweries contains a large amount of nitrogen and phosphorus derived from yeasts and hops, causing water pollution. But according to engineering consultant Coralynn Revis, "waste from the brewery at the right time and when it's in the right place can help a lot in purifying the water."

In 2017, Revis came up with the idea that “ waste from breweries could feed on microbes that purify water '', working with Bozeman water purification plant managers and brewery owners. And started a project to actually treat water with “beer waste”.

After trial and error for the first two years, the project team finally succeeded in identifying when and how much beer waste to put in. Purchased as food for microorganismsAlumReplacing with beer waste has reduced costs by about $ 16,000 per year.

In addition, this water purification facility was planned to be renovated with a capital of 1 million dollars (about 110 million yen) to meet stricter and safer water quality standards, but thanks to the project, it has been upgraded without upgrading It is now possible to meet.

"I'm wondering why I haven't done this before, despite having knowledge of brewing and fermentation," said Michael Garity, owner of the brewery involved in the project. According to Drue Newfield, the manager of the water treatment plant, the beer waste used as microbial food will disappear completely during the treatment process.

Revis and his colleagues' attention has been caught in the eyes of the Environmental Protection Agency, and the agency's water purification project evaluation program "(PDF file)PISCES Program 2019"Has won a prize.

"I didn't do it to get the award, I just thought," What should I do to get the best job done? " Mr. Revis and his team have said that inquiries are coming from inside and outside Montana, and in the future we will expand our efforts to utilize beer waste for wastewater treatment while tackling various issues. It is a plan to go.

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