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A quick blow on the mask! Refresh your mood anytime with "Maskmate", an aroma spray that turns breathlessness into comfort!

With an original letter set that is also recommended as a gift!

Now that people often wear masks to protect themselves from pollen and viruses, many people may feel suffocated, anxious, or depressed. An aroma spray for masks that relieves such depressive mood and changes stress into a comfortable time"MASK MATE"Is new from "IKIIKI BOTANICS"! Two kinds of scents made from 100% natural essential oils are so comfortable that you want to take a deep breath, and make your feelings positive. I sprayed it on the mask and tried using it!

"Maskmate", a mask spray that deeply breathes, is newly released from the first oil care brand in Shibuya Hikarie.

HARE Co., Ltd.(IKIIKI BOTANICS), a personal care brand specialized in oil beauty developed by (Minato-ku, Tokyo), is based on the concept of “modern oil therapy” and is a rich nourishment for the busy and stressful modern women of everyday life. We have a lineup of functional and innovative oil care items that will give you This spring, the first concept shop opens on the B1 floor of Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs. Aroma spray dedicated to masks from such attention brands"MASK MATE" (2 types, 8mL, suggested retail price excluding tax 1,350 yen, released on March 31, 2020)Is new!

The concept that we arrived at in pursuit of what kind of scent the mask should have in order to change the smell, stuffiness, and discomfort while wearing the mask is "aroma that invites deep breathing". Made from 100% natural essential oils that are selected so that you can feel comfortable even if you cover your nose for a long time.

"CRYSTAL SKY" is based on the image of a clear blue sky on a sunny day. A mellow mellow floral scent that is clear and combines the warmth of the morning sun. It contains essential oils such as spearmint, junipa berry and mimosa.

“WALK THROUGH FOREST” is based on the scene of a walk in a forest with green trees. The scent of minty wood, which has a highly transparent sensation that sharpens your senses every time you take a deep breath. It contains essential oils such as spearmint, eucalyptus, marjoram, and pine.

Take a quick breath anywhere and relax

Let's try "WALK THROUGH FOREST" at once!

The stylish and stylish bottle design increases your tension just by holding it!

It's lightweight and slim, so it's easy to carry in a pouch! I'm glad that you can use it freely when you like.

How to use, spray about 10cm away from the mask, push 1 toward the inside. It means that you can push 200 in total, which is about 7 yen per time. Cospa is good for this!

After spraying, shake the mask gently to dry thoroughly before wearing. At first, the scent of lemon and spearmint stands out, and the scent is refreshing and fresh.

Eucalyptus and fur needles gradually become fragrant over time. The scent changes from citrus to tree, and when you close your eyes and take a deep breath, you feel as if you are bathing in the forest! ♪ Even if you cover your nose with a mask, it is not a scent and it is comfortable.

The citrus and tree scents have the impression that the air is purified and become clean, so they are perfect when you are busy and frustrated or nervous. I feel refreshed and healed as if I was taking a walk in the forest. It is recommended to use it when you have a nervous nerve, work, commuting, or traveling by train, or when you want to feel calm.

"CRYSTAL SKY" adds refreshing scent of rose geranium and mimosa to the refreshing scent of mint to refresh your mood. It has a refreshing scent that makes the air clear, so it's recommended when you want to work in the morning, change your mind, go out for a short trip such as shopping, or use it when you want to refresh your mind and concentrate on your work!

In addition, when working at home, the reporter uses a tissue or a handkerchief instead of a mask and puts it in his hand. The pleasant scent is faintly scented, and you can enjoy the aromatherapy effect, so it is also recommended for teleworkers.

Opportunity to buy with free shipping and great value!

"WALK THROUGH FOREST" is recommended for those who want to calm their mind when they are annoyed or anxious, those who seek healing, and "CRYSTAL SKY" is recommended for those who want a positive feeling and who want to feel refreshed. . It's an affordable price, so I recommend buying 2 bottles at once and using different scents depending on your mood or scene, or exchanging them with your family!

In addition, I am happy that the letter set specifications of the mask mate "CRYSTAL SKY" and "WALK THROUGH FOREST" are the same as the package!

It's a perfect gift for friends and acquaintances when you can't meet people.

"Maskmate" can be purchased at the official online store. We are now distributing free shipping coupons on the official LINE! ▽ Because it is a limited time campaign until April 26, 2020, if you want to get a good deal, please check early.

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