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A quick blow to finish the makeup! "Jill Stuart Crystal Glow & Fix Mist" for "shiny skin"

Even when wearing a mask, you can take a quick breath!

A trendy glossy skin makeup that makes your skin look beautiful. However, it is a little worrisome that it easily collapses…. Therefore, this time, it is possible to prevent shininess and makeup breakdown while leading to the ideal glossy skin just by blowing a quick finish on makeup."Jill Stuart Crystal Glow & Fix Mist"Try! I quickly verified the feeling of use, finish, and makeup-keeping power.

"Glossy skin" will always come true! New finishing mist from Jill Stuart

Product package of "Jill Stuart Crystal Glow & Fix Mist"

Kose Corporation"Jill Stuart Beauty" developed by (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) is based on the concept of "INNOCENT SEXY", and has a girlish innocentness (transparency) and "cuteness" that makes adult women feel sexy together. A popular cosmetic brand that develops products that can be realized.

Will be released this summer"Jill Stuart Crystal Glow & Fix Mist" (60mL, suggested retail price tax not included 2,200 yen, released on July 17, 2020)Is a mist-like lotion that gives a natural, lustrous skin just by spraying it on top of your make-up and improves your make-up lasting.

Eight kinds of naturally derived beauty ingredients such as super fruit star fruit extract, grape extract, camu camu extract, and lemon extract are mixed together to prevent dryness of the skin and give a moist and lustrous skin.

Bottle up of "Jill Stuart Crystal Glow & Fix Mist"

A lasting ingredient that matches the characteristics of the skin is also included in order to create a comfortable feel and lasting makeup. A uniform and flexible veil is made on the make-up, and you can keep a comfortable feeling throughout the day without stickiness or stickiness.

Moreover, since the lasting component is an aqueous component, it is difficult to mix with sebum and can prevent shine.

With Jill Stuart's familiar "Crystal Pink Bouquet" scent. It has a slightly sweet and elegant scent, so you can add femininity just by putting it on!

Even though it's "wet and glossy", it also blocks makeup collapse! Tried new fix mist

"Jill Stuart Crystal Glow & Fix Mist" in your right hand

Let's use it now.

Spraying "Jill Stuart Crystal Glow & Fix Mist" on the back of the hand

First, try it on the back of your hand. Do not shake the container, spray about 15 cm away from the skin.

The back of the hand sprayed with "Jill Stuart Crystal Glow & Fix Mist"

A large amount of mist was sprayed to cover the entire instep with a single blow. You can see that the feeling of moisture is high!

Let's continue using it on the face.

"Jill Stuart Crystal Glow & Fix Mist" is sprayed on the makeup

This time, I will try using it on the glossy skin makeup finished with Liquid Foundation.

Spraying "Jill Stuart Crystal Glow & Fix Mist" over the entire face

A quick blow on your face. If you want to use it on the entire face, push a little more than 5 to 6 and it will be good.

The particles of the mist were very fine, and they even adhered well to the freshly applied makeup. If you wait about 30 seconds until it dries without touching the sprayed part…?

A beautiful, glossy skin is completed!

Gently press the tissue against your face…?

A woman who points the tissue pressed against the makeup

The foundation, eyebrow, eye shadow, and lip were almost unchanged, and I was able to keep the fresh finish of makeup. With natural make-up, the number of makeup changes during the day is likely to be suppressed.

Perfect for the summer when makeup is likely to collapse! Jill Stuart's new makeup keep mist is on sale at the official online shop

"Jill Stuart Crystal Glow & Fix Mist" was an excellent make-up mist that kept the clean shine of liquid foundations and the like, but prevented the makeup from becoming annoying over time.

You can use it not only in the summer when sweat and sebum increase, but also in the fall to winter when you are worried about makeup breakdown due to dryness.

Woman holding a bottle of "Jill Stuart Crystal Glow & Fix Mist" next to her face

You can purchase products from Jill Stuart Beauty stores nationwide or official online shops. Why don't you try new makeup keep mist for summer when it's easy to sweat?

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