A rare factory-made specially-equipped vehicle that tells a little of the remaining materials. 1977 Datsun 280Z The Special Decora Package 3

Unlike the dealer package, it is the most appealing visual as an Americanized Z with a history made as a factory-made specially equipped car.

And although it is a collector's item, the moderate feeling of use that has been cherished under ordinary car enthusiasts greatly satisfies Y's possession as an added value of the car style that blends into the American land.

North American specification HLS30Z loved as a popular sporty car. The special model in the foreign country is going through one unwavering royal road.

FMVSS [American Federal Automobile Safety Standard] plate on the driver side door catch. It can be confirmed that it was manufactured in March 1977.


Adopted a large bumper with shock absorber called the so-called 5-mile bumper that matches the American safety standards. The Datsun 280Z was introduced in the fall of 1975 in North America, with the North American specification S30 equipped with EGI-controlled L28 as a measure to overcome the stricter California emission regulations.
It is also true that it has evolved normally to match the taste of Americans with both looks and performance, and there are many local Z Car enthusiasts who prefer a rough taste different from the initial 240Z.
In particular, the 77 models sold from September 1976 to August 1977 have the nickname “ZZZAP” from the advertisement copy, and the sunburst yellow 77 1/2 model that is not on the catalog also tends to be called ZZZAP.
Introducing The Decor PacKage doesn't even advertise, only a single leaflet [bottom] distributed by the dealer, telling its existence.
However, individuals with out-of-state license plates in the 70's and 80's were also confirmed, and it can be inferred that cases were resold to dealers in other regions due to favorable responses at the Long Beach GP.

Datsun 280Z [HLS30 / 1977 model]

● Overall height 173.4inch
Full width 64.2 inch
● Overall height 51.0inch
● Wheelbase 90.7inch
● Before / after tread 1355mm / 1345mm ● Minimum ground clearance 150mm
● Indoor length 835mm
● Indoor width 1390mm
● Indoor height 1070mm
● Vehicle weight 1193㎏
● Two passengers
● Maximum speed 121mph [194.689km / h]● Engine model L28E
● Engine type Water-cooled in-line 6 cylinder OHC
● Total displacement 2753cc
Compression ratio 8: 3: 1
Bore x Stroke 86.0 x 79.0mm
● Maximum output: 149hp / 5600rpm
● Maximum torque 163ibs / 4400rpm
Gear ratio 1st gear 3.32 / 2nd gear 2.08 / 3th gear 1.31 / 4th gear 1.000 / 5th gear 0.86
● Final reduction ratio 3.555
● Fuel tank capacity 17.3 gallons
● Steering model rack and pinion
● Strut independent suspension before and after suspension
Disc before brake / Leading trailing
-195 / 70HR14 both before and after the tire
● Price 7000-8315 dollars at the time of release
● The special decora package option at the time of release price $ 259

Posted: Nostalgic Hero April 2011 issue vol.144 [All information in the article is current at the time of publication]
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