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FamilyThe new food ranch series "Eat ranch melon" has been released! What a luxury this time is the two layers of milk and melon! ‥

A new product recommended by Famima! ‥

Nowadays, it's been over 30 degrees Celsius, and just walking outside makes me sweat. At that time, you want to eat ice cream. With this feeling this weekFamily martWhen you go to, there is a new product sign in the ice corner! ‥
There's a new work coming out of my favorite ranch series… I can't help checking it. So I bought it.
I've never eaten orthodox milk flavor, so I'm really looking forward to encountering the melon flavor! ‥

Round and round soft serve ice cream! ――

Even so, the package is cute… this cow character will be healed. When you open the lid with the CUTE design, you will get milk ice cream with a round and round shape like the soft serve ice cream in the shop! ‥
This milk ice uses 50% milk. It's definitely delicious! ‥
When I took a picture while being in love, it started to melt, so I'll have a bite! ‥

The upper layer has a rich milk taste! ‥

The first bite is the milk ice cream part. Pakku. It's delicious. The milk taste is mellow and has a strong taste! Rich taste like high-quality soft serve ice cream.
It's creamy and rich, but it's not too sweet, so it's a taste you can eat forever. It’s too luxurious to see melons waiting underneath! ‥
For a while on SNS, I often saw arrangements with original toppings on ranch milk ice cream. ♪ The package is cute, so the Instagram look is perfect. I remember that everyone loves this taste of ranch milk.

Is it melon gelato or melon itself? ! ‥

Below half is melon gelato! I will have it with the milk ice cream above! Pakku. Yes! The taste of melon is reproduced to the extent that it is the melon itself.
Not only the taste, but also the texture of the tongue has a slight thickening characteristic of melon. It's because I ate it in a slightly melted state, but this smooth feeling, it has a very strong melon feeling! ‥

Gelato has a light sweetness, so when mixed with the upper layer of milk ice, it has a pleasant taste like melon float♪

It's just half and half, so it's nice that you can eat in various ways♪ ♪ You can mix it up and down from the beginning, or you'll be happy to enjoy the milk ice cream above.
The recommended way to eat this ice cream is to eat it in a slightly melted state. Then the gelato below will look exactly like the texture of melon! ‥

Until now, I had only eaten standard milk ice cream, but I loved this flavor, which was delicious twice at a time, because it had a great deal of value♪

Family martIt was a real food review of the newly released "Taberu ranch melon". Everyone who loves the Ranch series,FamilyIt's limited, so please get it in a hurry! ‥

shop:Family mart
Menu: Eat ranch melon
Price: 193 yen (208 yen including tax)
Official site:Ranch melon

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