A “ secret passage '' sleeping on the wall of the Parliament building from 360 years ago is discovered


A “ secret passage '' sleeping on the wall of the Parliament building from 360 years ago is discovered

In central LondonWestminster PalaceWas burned down in a fire in 1834, but was rebuilt in 1860 and has been used as the British Parliament since the 16th century. It is reported that a small loophole was found on the wall of the British Parliament.

Secret doorway rediscovered in the House of Commons-News from Parliament-UK Parliament

At U.K.Parliament, Long-Forgotten Secret Passageway Is Discovered In A Wall: NPR

Westminster Palace was built at the end of the 11th century and was originally used as a royal palace. But in 1530Henry VIIIButWhitehall PalaceAfter moving to London, the Palace of Westminster was used as the House of Parliament and Courthouse.

The original palace was almost destroyed by a fire in 1834 and rebuilt over more than 30 years at Westminster Palace with a new Gothic design. World War IILondon BombingThe Westminster Palace served as the British Houses of Parliament, but due to the use of water, electricity and gas pipelines and asbestos, aging became a problem. From 2017Nippon KoeiLocal group company undertakes major renovation of Westminster Palace. Historians have also joined the restoration, analyzing the blueprints of the Palace of Westminster.

In the meantime, based on the remaining literature, we conducted a survey and found that one of the wooden panels on the corridor of the lower house was small.Brass(Shinchu)A keyhole made of steel was discovered. When the staff at the renovation site unlocked, a secret passage was found beyond the door.

Liz Haram Smith, a historian at York University and a history consultant on the renovation team, said,England Historical Buildings and Monuments CommitteeWhile searching for 10,000 documents related to the Palace of Westminster in the archives of the United States, we found that there was an entrance in the hallway behind Westminster Hall. "

The secret passage was equipped with lighting that was supposed to have been installed in the 1950s, so the air defense was initially installed after World War IITrench(Gou)It seems that it seems to be a facility like this, but since the ceiling material of the room is made of wood cut in 1659, it turned out that the secret passage was at least 360 years old.

Further investigation showed that this secret passage led to the hall where the king and queen sat, and was used by legislators to access Congress during the coronation ceremony.

According to historian Mark Collins, who surveyed the secret loophole, "The secret loophole discovered this time is an exciting discovery, but there is definitely more secrets sleeping in the Westminster Palace. I would like to return to the appearance of the palace and tell it to those who have visited the palace when it has been handed down for generations and has never been forgotten. "

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