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The Dino 246GTS was announced by Ferrari in 1969, and while maintaining the style of the Dino 246GT, which had gained popularity due to its unique styling, the added value of enjoying the open-top drive with a Targa top was the Dino 246GTS. Was.

And the 246GTS "home-built kit" was exhibited at an auction in Paris in February and became an eye-catching presence. Although it is a "restore project", it is not a common pattern where only a battered body is exhibited, but this one also comes with a rebuilt engine, Daytona pattern seat, etc. It can be said to be "Dino's DIY kit" It was.

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The original color painted on the steel body was metallic blue, and the interior was finished with beige leather. It was delivered from Maranello to a retail store in Nevada, USA, where it passed to its first owner in 1974, but went on sale the following year. The second owner was a former U.S. Navy pilot who not only enjoyed Dino in the United States but also traveled to Italy with Dino. He later moved to San Diego, but did not let go of Dino. However, in 1989, he was left in a garage for about 10 years after an accident.

Unrepaired Dino was purchased and repaired and restored by a Californian in 1999. However, the restoration here was not ready for production. It was sold to the UK in hopes of a full restore in 2013, but the body panels were bare until today.

The auction was awarded this time [€ 263,750: about 31,650,000 yen], and the day is finally coming when he will be able to get back to running. Gearbox, suspension, brakes, steering, etc. are all rebuilt. The restoration itself is almost over, and what to do with the body color may be the biggest point for the next owner.

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