A sober bath has become a club when you use "Shower head that glows in 7 colors" for about 1400 yen at Amazon / Sing, dance and wash your body!

Suddenly, I would like to introduce "a certain item" to everyone in Parisi who is most suffering from the request to refrain from going out. Simply put,A miracle substitute where a small bathroom at home becomes a club specification in an instant…… Thanks to this, my house has been a club only for bathrooms since the other day. I'm washing my body like dancing.

The cost is about 1400 yen. If the tension of the dark and depressed Parisi rises, it will not be expensive. What did you buy …Shower head that shines in 7 colors!! Guys, take a rainbow shower and get well!

・ Shower head shining in 7 colors

A 1399 yen shower head that I happened to find on Amazon and immediately purchased. anything"Power is generated by the water current and the LED light turns on to produce a fantastic light at random" There were no equipment such as manuals in the cardboard box that arrived, and only the shower head was in a lump.

That is, "No explanation requiredIt means that. After checking the description on the product page, it is said that the built-in mineral beads remove impurities such as chlorine and bacteria to improve water quality and also generate negative ions. It also has a maximum water saving effect of 30%. Is it true?

Well, Paris may not need "minus ion" or "water saving effect". Maybe it's OK if it glows. So, let's go to the bathroom and change it. The shower structure is simple,Can be easily removed by holding the adapter and turning the headIs.

・ Shower head replacement completed

What I was worried about when exchanging wasRubber packingThere was no [rubber ring that fits inside the shower head]. I had to reuse an old shower one this time because water could leak from the joints. Well, the exchange is complete anyway. Well then …

Turn off the light,It fires ah ah ah ah ah!

Kitaki Kita!

Wash your body like this!

The best oooooooooooooooooo!

・ How to increase tension

Just a sober bathroom instantly becomes a club … The "Kura-bath" is sure to make Paris Paris even more exciting. If you want to get more tension, sing, dance and wash,Mirror ballPrepare and switch on. Let's go!


It ’s like a dreamland!

・ Paripi guys will be fine

── It was a feeling that it was a shower experience I had never experienced in my life. However, one thing I can say is that the tension will inevitably increase and you will continue to take a shower,An ordinary shower seems to be more water savingThat.

However, as I mentioned at the beginning, it is a great item to release the stress accumulated by going out, so if you are interested, why not give it a try. Even the dark and depressed Parisians will get excited in the bathroom!

Reference link:Amazon "Shower head shining in 7 colors"

Report:Masanori Sunako

Photo: RocketNews24.

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