A story about “I was impressed” when I entered a stand-up soba restaurant whose name is not written on the signboard.

The month and day are overcharged by the hundreds, and the year or year will be a traveler again──. This is a passage from Matsuo Kaoru's “Oku no Hoso Michi”, but the time is likened to a traveler.

The song that traveled so much was the song, and the last phrase was “I want to travel”.A soba restaurant with such a level that Matsuo is too relaxed to live permanently.But let me tell you because it is in Fukagawa, Tokyo.

・ Fukagawa Pass

Fukagawa in Tokyo, the base of Matsuo Pass. When I went down Fukakawa Pass on the Toei Shinjuku Line Morishita Station, there was a relaxed atmosphere.It seems that the roadside trees on the straight road are missing.

The breeze breeze is cold, but the daytime light is gentle. It is a nice day for a walk. So, when I walked in a relaxed mood [Nakazawa] …

Roses were blooming.

If I was jealous, I would have sung. The pink rose has the flower word “Impressed”, but the feeling of watching the roses forgetting the days of flowing information may be appropriate to call it impressed.

・ Mysterious standing eating soba restaurant

There was a standing soba restaurant at the end of Fukakawa-an street. No, at first I didn't know if it was a standing soba restaurant.Because there is nothing written on the signboard.

However, when I turned to the front, I found a nobori called "Fukagawa Soba Soba". So I knew that it was a soba restaurant for the first time.

Looking at the menu outside the store, the curry set is 680 yen, which is not so expensive.And then I found a mysterious menu.

“Oku no Hosomichi Udon [550 yen]” “Soba Soba [550 yen]”.

It is like a souvenir shop in a tourist spot. But what is mysterious is the exterior of the store.I would never enter tourists here. What is the aim? I decided to go in there.

・ The identity of the mysterious menu

There is only a counter in the store, and it is about as large as five people line up. As you stand in front of the counter, the back is The Standing Soba Restaurant at the entrance. When I asked the landlady, "What is Oku Hosomichi Udon?", The following response was returned with a smile.

Landlady "This is udon noodles! "

──Are you serious……! I don't know even the soba noodles, so I can't know the details of the back Hosomichi Udon. However, I did not want to bother the landlady who was caressed. So I ordered a soba noodle …

Egg roasted with egg!!

Isn't it a pretty unusual category for soba toppings? Such an egg-yaki is a bit sweet and sweet,Why this goes well with sweet soba soup. By the way, there were some other tempura that rose Nozawana, wakame, and kakiage.

・ Store taste

In the meantime, the shop owner, Oyaji, returns and customers begin to enter. Both of them feel like they are regulars in the neighborhood. At that time, the landlady who looked at me was talking secretly."It's delicious when you put this in".

It was red eggplant pepper that recommended me. There is also a green aubergine pepper, which should be used for cooling. So, if you try to put a red eggplant pepper next to it,The taste of buckwheat tightens with a tangy stimulus. Umai.

While I was eating that way, I started to feel a little closer to the customers who were eating together. It makes sense to eat together at this store. Even the sleeves wield the edges of life. I felt like the warmth of the downtown was alive in this store.It is an impressed taste including everything.

Autumn fall without this road or people to go. If time is a traveler, life is also a trip alone. Because there are such intersections on such journeys, people may continue to travel.

・ Store information introduced this time

Store name芭蕉 Soba
Street address1-15-4 Tokiwa, Koto-ku, Tokyo
business hoursMon-Fri 6: 00-14: 30
Regular holidaySaturdays, Sundays, and holidays

Report:Seiko Nakazawa

Photo: Rocketnews24.

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