A strange man, Daio Kanai, ranked second in Japan with a 110m obstacle

Men's 110-meter previous Japanese record holder Daio Kanai [24=Mizuno] put out 13 seconds 34 [tail wind 0.3 meters], which is the second place in Japan. Self-record updated 0 seconds 02.

Kanai commented, "I was able to refresh my personal best, and I was able to enter the season comfortably. The Olympics have been postponed for one year, but I will prepare for next year, considering the period I will face myself." In February Japan Indoor Championships [Osaka] Men's 60 meters obstacle was setting a new indoor Japan record of 7 seconds 61.

On that day, he also participated in 100 meters and was 10 seconds 41 [head wind 0.6 meters]. This is also my best. This is the first race of the season, which makes us feel a further leap forward.

Kanai goes from Hakodate LaSalle High School, which is an advanced school in Hokkaido, to Hodai. At the 18 years Japan Championship, which belonged to the Fukui Sports Association, he won the Japanese record at that time for the first time in 14 years, winning 13 seconds 36. I joined Mizuno since February last year. He is a unique hurdler who is currently pursuing two dreams of participating in the Tokyo Olympics [Olympic Games] and a dentist.

Due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, it is not relevant to the Tokyo Olympics qualification until the end of November. It does not affect the trends of the World Rankings of the International Federation of Athletics. However, the record itself is authorized.

Men's 110 meters obstacle Tokyo Olympic participation standard record is 13 seconds 32, Japan record is Takayama Shunno [25 = Zenrin] has 13 seconds 25.

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