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If you read a book, you will encounter "Unreadable Kanji"! In such a case, an app that can look up kanji in imagesKanji image searchIs useful.

Immediately research "kanji that cannot be read" with "kanji image search"!

The other day, I read through the newspaper thoroughly, and was surprised with unreadable kanji. Each time, I was reading while checking on my smartphone, but I couldn't read it, so I had a hard time searching. After all, there are one or two kanji that I don't know how to read, which is a pretty disgusting result for me as I work in writing. When I was thinking that I could look up kanji more efficiently, I heard about the app “Kanji Image Search”.

Just shoot with a camera and you'll be safe! ?

To use it, just shoot a sentence and tap the kanji displayed in the analysis results. Images saved in the photo library and screenshots are also available.

This time I decided to shoot with a camera and check how to read kanji. Immediately put the text in the novel into the camera and detect the characters. That said, the detection itself is done by the app, so there is almost no effort here.

The appearance of character detection is as shown in the image. When I compared it with the actual text, I felt that the characters were detected quite accurately. After that, tap the kanji you don't know how to read from the detected characters, and you're done. I tried to select the Chinese character "Kibin", but apparently I read "Kibin" as "Kihin". Searching is done on Google, so you can input everything from how to read to the meaning of kanji!

Using "Kanji Image Search" will save you the trouble of searching for kanji. If you're a boy who can't read kanji, why don't you use the power of the app?

Kanji image search ・ Distributor: GENKI SOFT CO., LTD.
・ DL price at the time of publication: Free
・ Category: Productivity
・ Capacity: 18.9 MB
・ Version: 1.0.2
* Capacity is at maximum. It may be smaller depending on the model and other conditions.

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