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A thorough comparison of Ishikawa's 5G business in the future and Sano's 5G business forefront: A digital report from a traveler's perspective Satoshi Nakayama-Engadget Japan Version

5GbookI'm Nakayama, a traveler IT writer. In Japan, 5G commercial service is about to start, and many 5G-related books have been released. Engadget's writing team has also released two books: Atsushi Ishikawa's "Future IT Illustrated 5G Business in the Future" and Masahiro Sano's "Understand in 60 Minutes! 5G Business Frontline".

But these two books have similar titles, so I'm worried about which one to choose. I worry about "GoPro HERO8" and "DJI OSMO Action". So I compared them and checked them!5Gbook
▲ Mr. Atsushi Ishikawa's “Illustration of the Future IT 5G Business in the Future” [MDN Corporation / 1600 yen]

▲ Masahiro Sano's “Understand in 60 Minutes! The Forefront of 5G Business” [Technical Reviewers / 1100 yen]

First, the appearance and design. Mr. Ishikawa's “Future IT Illustration Future 5G Business” [hereinafter “5G Business in the Future / Ishikawa” is about 148 [W] x 11.8 [D] x 210 [H] mm on a 10-inch cover. Approximately 279g, Mr. Sano's “Learn the Frontier of 5G Business in 60 Minutes” [hereinafter “5G Business Frontier / Sano”] is a cover of about 8.8 inches and is about 128.7 [W] x 10.6 [D] x 188 [H]. mm and weighs about 182g.

▲ “Future 5G business / Ishikawa” is slightly larger

▲ Thickness is about 1mm different

As for the size of one page, "Future 5G Business / Sano" is larger than "Incoming 5G Business / Ishikawa" because it is larger than 1 inch and the amount of information that can be displayed is large. It is a nice size for users who want to carry and read. By the way, the number of pages is the same for both 160 pages, so "future 5G business / Ishikawa" uses thicker paper and is somewhat luxurious.

▲ “Future 5G business / Ishikawa” is actually measured at 279g

▲ "5G business front line / Sano" is 182 g by actual measurement

The body is made of paper. The main body color is purple for "future 5G business / Ishikawa" and white for "5G business front line / Sano", and there is no color variation and it is developed in one color. Each cover has a glossy coating so you can't feel the cheapness. Due to the relationship between the glossy coating and the body color, "Future 5G Business / Ishikawa" is more concerned about fingerprints when touched with bare hands. If you're worried, get more cover when you buy a bookstore.

▲ “Future 5G business / Ishikawa” with impressive high-grade purple coloring

Because the body is thick, both books can be self-sustained just by opening the page a little. In order to check the stability, a ton-ton sumo bench was performed, and "15G Business in the Future / Ishikawa" won 8 wins in all 15 races. "5G Business Frontier / Sano" did not reach one win with seven wins, but their stability is almost equal.

As a feature of "future 5G business / Ishikawa", there is an additional band on the cover, and you can see the face of the author, Ishikawa. It is safe to know the producer's face at the time of purchase. By the way, since Ishikawa's face can be confirmed on the author introduction page, it is okay to lose the belt after purchase. It is double safe.

▲ Unlike corn flakes, it is safe to know the producer's face

Both books support full-page full-color display. There are monochrome pages depending on the content of the display content, but basically you can enjoy colorful display with each spread. However, although these books deal with 5G, neither of them has a communication function, and 5G communication is not supported.

However, in both cases, Kindle versions of e-books have also been released. For this reason, if it is introduced into a smartphone or tablet as an e-book, the communication function can be used. If your smartphone is compatible with 5G, you should be able to securely communicate with 5G.

▲ Both books have a Kindle version, so you can install it on 5G smartphone and support 5G

In addition to the text, we counted how many words "5G" are used in covers and tables 1-4 [excluding words such as 5Ghz, 5Gbps and 5th generation], and found that "future 5G business / Ishikawa Is 719 times and "5G Business Frontier / Sano" is 931 times. Due to the visual counting, there may be some calculation errors, but there is a difference of more than 200 times. In addition, from 1 page to 160 pages, the page of “ outside 5G area '' where the keyword 5G does not appear is 1 page for “ 5G business front line / Sano '', but 18 pages for “ future 5G business / Ishikawa '' Out of 5G area "was confirmed.

This is a big effect of putting the title in the lower right of the right page where illustrations etc. are posted as a system of “5G business front line / Sano”. Thanks to this system design, the word "5G" will always appear in the double-page spread. Maybe it represents the 5G-like nature of expanding the area with small cells.

▲ "5G Business Front Line / Sano" has a title at the lower right of the odd numbered page, and all 5G characters are written.

How was it? Both books can be said to be almost equal in the results such as specifications and benches. The price is 1600 yen without tax, "Future IT Illustrative 5G Business" is 1,600 yen, and "I understand it in 60 minutes! The forefront of 5G business" is 1,100 yen. It's far cheaper than buying a single smartphone, so users who are worried may buy both.


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