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A warm and warm lip with two new colors, "Lebron Kiss Cloud Blotted Lip Color"!

Two new stress-free “Lebron Kiss Cloud Blotted Lip Color”

Lebron's new texture, Airy Matt Trip"Lebron Kiss Cloud Blotted Lip Color"Two new dull pink colors that make you feel soft and warm! This time, I tried while paying attention to the texture of the new texture as well as the color!

New warm pink colors are now available!

Lebron Co., Ltd.(Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) is a brand loved by women all over the world who wish for beauty. The popularity of lip and foundation is high, and there are many people who check new items well.December 9, 2019Will be released on"Lebron Kiss Cloud Blotted Lip Color"ofTwo new colors (1,300 yen without tax)The two colors, smoky pink and salmon pink, are soft and tender colors that give warmth to the cold season.

Looking at the color with your arms, it looks like this.

Smoky Pink # 015 Cashmere Mauve in the photo is a warm and cool color that is recommended for brevets, and Salmon Pink # 007 Fluffy Coral is a soft healing color that is recommended for Yeebe.

Soft and healing salmon pink # 007 Fluffy Coral

This time, let's try the # 007 Flappy Coral for Mr. Yeve!

Looking at the texture on the back of the hand, the texture is so soft that you can't think of it as a lip color. There is no sticky feeling that tends to occur in high-colored lips. Applicator seems to be soft and easy to apply.

When I actually paint it …

It is creamy and stretches easily, making it difficult to cause unevenness. The applicator with a thin tip fits into small parts such as the corners of the mouth, and the color can be applied to every detail.

The coral pink is a strong orange, so the face becomes brighter and brighter than the painted soba. It's a bright color, but it's familiar to the skin and I'm glad that it doesn't look flashy.

Although the surface is smooth and matte, the moisture is kept firmly by the moisturizing ingredients.

The coral pink that oozes out from the inside adds warmth and is perfect for winter!

By the way, because it is a mini bottle that is easy to carry, it is also attractive that it is not bulky in the pouch.

The new two colors of “Lebron Kiss Cloud Blotted Lip Color”, which is addictive to the soft and creamy texture, are recommended for those who want to enjoy cute winter makeup.

Available at Lebron dealers nationwide from December 9, 2019.

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