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A watch in the near future than the Apple Watch: A watch with a price of 30,000 yen or less “feels like a display wrapped around your arm''-Engadget Japan version

In Japan, the "Nubia Watch" smart watch has been released by Nubia, which sells the "Red Magic" gaming smartphone series. The Nubia Watch is roughly described as a product that is equipped with a large 4.01 inch AMOLED display and eSIM as a smart watch, and is also a product that can communicate by itself.


The display of Nubia Watch is 960×192 pixels long vertically, and both ends can be bent so that it wraps around the arm. The display of a typical smartwatch is square or circular, and the display content must fit within that area. But the Nubia Watch can also display something that's off the display of those smartwatches. For example, for weekly weather forecasts, it is possible to display several days vertically, and you can effectively use a vertically long display like a smartphone.


The Nubia Watch is like a smart phone and smartwatch, but it's not a product that suddenly appeared. "Nubia α" equipped with the same display was released in September 2019. Nubia α will also be drawing attention as a product in a new genre that is neither a smartphone nor a smartwatch, by taking advantage of its wide display when it was announced. The main body design uses a lot of curves, and if you look closely you will get the impression that it is near future, and if you look badly, you will get the impression that it will not come through.


Not only the display size of Nubia Watch and Nubia α is the same, but the basic specifications have not changed, such as Snapdragon Wear 2100, RAM 1GB, ROM 8GB [external memory cannot be used], eSIM compatible [some models do not have it]. Looking at only the hardware performance, the Nubia Watch can be said to be a rehabilitation of the Nubia α. However, the direction of the new smart watch that Nuiba thinks is very different between the two.

The Nubia α had a 5 million pixel camera and a motion sensor on the left and right sides of the display, which the Nubia Watch did not have. The sensor detects the movement of the hand and supports gesture operation to operate the main body of Nubia α by moving the palm up, down, left and right on the display. Also, an app store was planned to be available, and it should have been possible to add apps to further enhance the functionality.


In other words, the Nubia α concept is a “slim smartphone that can be worn on the wrist”, and the price is 3699 yuan [about 57,000 yen], which is a bullish setting for a smart watch due to its completely new concept. In addition, the gold color model was 4499 yuan [about 69,000 yen], aiming for high-end routes. However, the market reaction was stale because of the high price, the main body design that you like, and the lack of an app store in the end.


Therefore, Nubia stopped developing high-performance smart watches and changed its direction to products that can be easily used as fashion items. It can be inferred that the Nubia Watch has almost the same specifications as the Nubia α because it used the materials that were left over from the Nuiba α order.

Nuiba Watch costs 1799 yuan [about 28,000 yen], which is less than half the price of Nubia α. There are many smart watches in this price range, and they are quite competitive in terms of price. Also, the camera and motion sensor have been abolished, and functions such as activity tracking, notifications from smartphones, and mobile payments have been narrowed down, similar to general smart watches.


Although functionally similar to competitors' products, the wide and long display relieves the complaint of the "narrow screen" of smartwatches. Nubia Watch is not a replacement for your smartphone, but it does something you cannot do with today's smartwatches.


You can also use it like a bracelet that displays a pattern and put it on your arm as an interesting use. It is also interesting to think about how to use it, such as changing the pattern according to your mood, displaying letters like a memorandum, displaying photos, etc.


Nubia Watch has been reborn as a large-screen smart watch that has become a fashion item by lowering the price of the Nubia α, which was introduced with the aim of becoming a new generation smart watch. I am wondering how it will be accepted in the market. For global use, a Bluetooth model without eSIM will be funded by cloud funding until late September 2020.



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