A way of life that "gets earning power" rather than investment

◆ The value of "no investment" is also quite good
I'm basically an investment advocate, but I don't think anyone should invest. Because it is not suitable for the direction. It's not about ability, but about values ​​and lifestyle.

Investing is necessary for the economy as a whole, but it is not a necessity for individuals, and we believe that investing and operating are not essential activities in life.

It is said that "from savings to investment" and "do not deposit money in banks", and some experts and economic critics say that "If you do not manage assets, retirement will be difficult." I think some people feel uncomfortable with such a trend.

But is investing so important?

You may not be able to find the value in financing what you can't control and the risk of losing money, worried that money has gone down.

Some people find it ridiculous to look up stocks and spend time investing.

For example, if you buy a car for 3 million yen, but you lose half the value in five years, you can enjoy the value of being comfortable to move.

However, if it was reduced by half in operation, what was the value of the reduced 1.5 million yen? [Of course, it can be converted to learning …].

That's why I think it's natural to live without investing. I don't think there is anything stupid that people who invest and increase are stupid and those who keep nothing in their bank deposits are stupid.

Some people may find it more realistic to work, earn, save and prepare, rather than trying to get money to work until they take the risk.

That way, if you lose the option of investing, you can focus on your core business. There is no hesitation because we are striving for our main business and trying to stabilize our lives.

◆ Find a job that can invest and invest money in your skills
If you can afford 1 million yen for your investment, you can spend that money on going to a vocational school to learn programming and languages. Investing in short-term study abroad and overseas travel to spread the word of view and broaden your values.

And if you get a job that you can really do, it's just as valuable as you've gained much of the happiness of life. That's right. Do what you like, thank the customer and get the money.

My consulting colleague said, "Consulting is a vocation." So, I forget to sleep and immerse myself in work. Therefore, there is a big difference in several years from those who work null.

It manifests itself as a difference in income. Being promoted gives you a wider range of decisions and gives you more freedom to work. And life becomes more and more fun.

He has no interest in investment or investment. He says, "Because consulting is more interesting." So all his money is a savings account. "I don't remember how much I have in my account," he said.

Moreover, one account has an amount that is far above the payoff limit [although he also says, "This is a bit bad."]

I worked 18 hours a day and couldn't imagine investing
If you do not lose your heart, you will be more likely to perform above average, even if you do not earn tens of millions of yen annually like him.

If you say "that's impossible for an ordinary person", you're giving up half of your life and that's your freedom.

I myself have been immersed in work without returning home. When I was a management consulting firm, I returned almost every day by taxi, and when I started my business, I worked 18 hours a day.

As stated by my colleagues, he said, "I would like to work if I had the time to think about investment." "I couldn't afford to think outside of work."

◆ Is there a limit to working on my own, so it is not enough for savings after retirement?
Others say that there is a limit to working on their own, which is not enough to save them after retirement. In this volatile era, I believe it is important to create a source of income that does not depend on my workforce.

However, if you consider that you are active throughout your life, you can eliminate the concept of "retirement savings." Train now to be yourself who can get a lifetime job.

It is one of the ideal forms to work hard and save more when you realize.

Of course, one day you will be unable to work. You may get sick. Nevertheless, anxiety can be reduced by shortening the period of earning a living while depleting savings.

Financial institutions and investment companies are keenly looking for retirement and retirement funds, so don't rely on sweet words.

In particular, investment debuts after retirement have little time to recover in the event of a loss, so it is my opinion that it is better not to use money that would otherwise be troubled.

However, there are some people who have a good sense of the world, and there are a few people who earn more than me every day since they attended the FX course held at my company. Therefore, it is a waste to hate eating. So, first try.

However, those who say, "I've tried a lot, but I'm still not good at investing," can be proud of me saying, "I don't invest." Now you can no longer hear the extra noise.

But this may not be the case for everyone. For risk diversification, some people might want to diversify their income. I myself make money in investment, and for those people, I also work on the attractiveness of investment.

◆ To get the freedom to choose only the job you really want to do
Real estate investment spends less than a minute a day [almost left to the management company] and checks the investment price every day, but is like checking the weather forecast. Still, these are making more than 1 million yen every month.

Executive remuneration [salary], book royalties, lecture fees, etc. are different, so if you are not luxurious, it is enough for your life.

This gives you the freedom to "select only the job you really want to do" and "less likely to give up for money".

That's why we have an environment where you can do only what you want to do, such as running a company, new projects, writing and giving a lecture, and joint business in Japan and overseas.

I no longer have a hobby = work, and when I wake up every morning, I feel like "What should I do today?"

The reason why I disseminate information about money and investment is, of course, the work I receive on request and because I like it, but as many as I want to know the greatness of having such "freedom to choose". Because.

For this reason, the role of this column is to convey risks that many people are liable to fall, and to warn against becoming a duck for Hebo investment advisers and financial institutions.

However, it takes a certain amount of time and effort to ensure continuous profits without any hassle. It took me six or seven years to build the current system, and it is still a trial and error process.

Whether it's work, sports, or investment, as Michael Jordan once said, "half-hearted efforts produce half-hearted results."

Conversely, I think that if investment is likely to be half-finished, self-investment is preferable to financial investment. There is no correct answer here, but what do you think?

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