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A way of making money for bands that can't use live houses. Twitch and concert information site deliver live tag-Engadget Japan version

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As a result of the new coronavirus infection in live houses, concert events by music artists have been canceled not only overseas but also in Japan, and the work of not only artists but also related staff is drastically reduced. It is a matter of fact.

In this situation, Bandsintown, a long-established concert information site in the United States, has begun to handle information on concerts held by live distribution as quickly as possible. We are also working with Twitch on the latest move to ensure that artists have smooth access to the monetization system delivered by Twith. In this effort, music artists will use Twitch's affiliate program to drive revenue from subscriptions and Bits from registered viewers. Bandsintown artists with over 2,000 followers can take advantage of this by linking to the Twitch channel on their Bandsintown profile page. But if you do, you can significantly reduce the (time-consuming) review and approval process required to monetize on Twitch, and immediately benefit from the distribution (in terms of environmental conditions). .

If you're a major and popular artist, you may be able to get off and survive until the new coronavirus problem is over. However, for artists whose day-to-day live performance revenues are important, Bandsintown and Twitch programs can be very welcome. In some cases, you may be able to make more money than the original live activity.

Even if you frequently broadcast live with setlists and contents that do not change very much, there is a risk that viewers may get bored, but even before you can use the live house or a slightly larger stage again, you will earn a little income There must be a way for artists and fans to have a way to get

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