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A woman who finds a pee with alcohol without drinking is found. A rare case of brewing ethanol in the bladder-Engadget Japan

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A University of Pittsburgh physician reports an unusual female case of "urinating alcohol." The woman was diagnosed with cirrhosis from diabetes and was admitted to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Presbyterian Hospital, preparing for a liver transplant waiting list.

However, doctors thought that women were a type of addiction called alcohol use disorder (AUD), because they showed strange symptoms that the number of urine tests during hospitalization was positive for alcohol reactions. She suggested that women be treated. However, in response to the proposal, she claimed that she was not drinking at all. Thinking back, the woman had never been drunk since she was admitted, and no blood tests showed any signs of alcohol use. In addition, although urine tests showed ethanol positive for some reason, other metabolites produced during drinking, glucuronide and ethyl sulfate, all remained negative.

Wondering doctors thought that yeast might be colonized in the bladder and ferment sugar in urine to produce alcohol due to diabetes. She then re-analyzed the woman's urine and found that it contained a large amount of budding yeast. The type of yeast detected is called Candida glabrata, which is found in the human body and is a type of traditional brewer's yeast.

Automatic brewery syndrome (or intestinal fermentation syndrome: auto-brewery syndrome: ABS) is known as a symptom that this yeast brews alcohol in the body, for example, in the intestine. It turns carbohydrates in food into alcohol in the intestine and then absorbs them. Patients with this condition may get drunk just by eating.

However, in the case of women, yeast is an unusual example of brewing alcohol in the bladder. Women did not get drunk because the bladder did not absorb water, and the brewed alcoholic urine was excreted. A team of doctors has proposed naming the case "urinary auto-brewery syndrome" or "bladder fermentation syndrome".

A doctor identified the cause of urine containing alcohol and decided that the woman (61) would be fine and included on the waiting list for liver transplantation. I would like to hope that the transplant will take place as soon as possible and live a little longer.

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